Saturday, 3 March 2012

2 MAYBELLINE stuff im not a fan of...

Let me tell you the 2 stuffs that i bought from MAYBELLINE..
This one is the Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eyestudio

What it says? Glow your eyes with luxurious pearls for an open eye look!
Price-  Rs 399/- for 2.5g
This quad has 4 colors from nude to copper brown color. The texture is satin/ pearly & has very small flex of shimmer which blends well.
My Thoughts- colors look great in the packaging & when swatched on hand, but i don't know why when you apply on the lids the color doesn't shows up that well. you have to take ALOT of it on the brush & dab dab dab... it also has 2 sided sponge brushes which can be used for the edges on the eye. After i used it for the 1st time i showed it to my friend & she said "what?? have you actually put it??"
I wouldn't buy again..

& the 2nd was Maybelline Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner by Eyestudio

What it says? it says nothing on the packaging though.. but it is a black liquid liner, waterproof. it comes with a felt tip, which is quiet thick & disappointing..
Price- Rs 200/-
My Thoughts- im not a big fan of waterproof liner because i feel its like plastic (but i bought coz i had to try it!!) on your skin.. & yesssssssss this feels like melted plastic when you put it on :( .. It has a slight shinny texture to it. It is waterproof, but when it comes in contact with water like near the tear duct of your eye it flakes (eeeeehhh!!!). The felt tip is great but is little thick so you cannot have precise lines for the winged out liner if you want, & yes you cannot have layers of this product on top of each other coz it kinda takes of the 1st layer that you had put on. The good part is that it comes off easily when removed with an eye makeup remover.
Im totally disappointed with this product.. extremely sad.. :( (weeps weeps) & i even don't recommend this for anyone.

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