Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happy Holi..

wishing all the gorgeous a very Happy & Safe Holi...
Few tips for skin care during the madness of Holi...
  • use natural colors if possible.
  • apply generous amount of herbal oil,coconut or mustard on your whole body so that the color doesn't seeps into your skin& becomes easy to remove. yes of course a tad bit of color does stay back but its ok.. it will fade away.
  • harmful colors strip natural sheen & luster from hair so generously oiling your hair is the key.
  • conditioning your hair after a wash is must.
  • Dont forget your beautiful nails even.. what i do is apply thick coat of nail paint to avoid color stains & shield them.
  •  Also apply waterproof sunscreen lotion on skin after letting the oil absorb for 15 minutes. This will prevent UV rays from doing harm to skin.
  • wear clothes with maximum skin coverage.
  • wear a scarf round your head to cover your hair.
  • wash off wet colors asap after playing holi so that it doesn't settles on your skin.
  • if colors get into your eyes wash with clean water time & again, but never rub your eyes always splash water..
  • be gentle on your skin as the powder of those colors are not milled fine so rubbing while cleaning your body may cause fine scratches & irritation.
  • if the colors doesn't fades add little curd in two spoon of lime juice, and apply it on the areas having color. Then take a bath with normal or a little warm water!!
  • you can even use ubtan- a mixture of besan+curd+lemon juice to remove color easily.
  • dont forget to moisturize your body & face after bath.
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