Monday, 30 April 2012

My Experience.. So I had a Beauty Tip!!!

I'm a oily beast during summers... & what i've always heard & read about beauty tips is you should clean , tone & moisturize your face however your skin type is daily twice.
So eventually i have a 3- STEP skin care routine from Clinique that suits my skin.
During these Oily months i'm not much into the moisturizer though it is oil free.. i use it morning & in the night waking up a little oily & spending the whole day oily faced even though I used a pea sized amount.
I wanted something that moisturizes my skin & is not oily at all!!
I had a bottle of Rose Water .. the usual from Dabur. I had heard & read that it works good on skin to moisturize & make it soft & supple. I thought lets give it a try..
& believe me it WORKS amazing!!!
I dabbed drops of rose water on the whole face & let it dry. Few more drops in every half hour if i'm @ home. & washed it off after 2-3 times when it get a little sticky.. it doesn't gets sticky but u feel something is there on your face...
I continued this routine @ night & slept, then in the morning after cleansing & toning i dabbed some more & let it dry then did my makeup. It keeps the oil AWAY!!! yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!
It also held to reduce the redness of the pimple & made the size of any pimple to minimize.
It worked wonders on me.

I recommend every skin type beauty to try it !!!

Have you tried it yet?
How was ur experience?
How do you use it?
Do leave a comment below!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

My 5 Favorite YouTube Beauty Guru's..

As i'm a self taught beauty / makeup addict or whatever you wanna call that as..
Here are some Beauty Guru's that i owe to..

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick Coral Lustre- Review, Swatches & LOTD!!!

Hiii Gorgeous!!!
Giving my thoughts on Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in the shade Coral Lustre. I got this color because i'm big fan of coral colors.
Price: Rs 399/-
Qty: 3.5 g

Coral Lustre

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trends To Try- Colored Denim

U Think Blue jeans is boring??? Or have you got bored from the same color of jeans in different shades that are in your wardrobe?
Y dontcha add some colors in it?
Every1 is sporting this look & they are setting the trends.
From the Dutchess to the Celebs.. everyone has a color. Spring is full of colors so why shudn't be your jeans? Colored denim are the HOTTEST Trend this season. From Electric Blue to romantic Peaches..

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dove Damage Therapy- Nourishing Oil Care- Review!!!

Hey Gorgeous!!!
Giving my thoughts today on the Dove Damage Therapy- Nourishing Oil Care which includes the shampoo, conditioner, repair mask (there's even a serum that is left out.. i mean i dint buy)
My hair is long, thick & its dry during winters & sometimes oily roots & normals tips during summers. Its not color processed. It gets fluffy n mad if i only use shampoo & not conditioner


New hair do!!!!

Sock bun+ braids= this look..

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer in Deep Bronzer- Review

Its been quiet long now that i have been wearing this bronzer so I thought I would give my thought on Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer in the shade 050 Deep Bronze.
Price: Rs 900/- now its probably 1000/- bucks coz it got it last August i suppose..

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer

Little Haul...

Happiest when i'm shopping.. :)
Shopped for few stuff again because i was running out of some..

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

HOTD # 2

Hi Gorgeous!!!!
Posting a new HOTD

This is a half up pony tail twisted bun with 2 braids from the sides.
Step by step:
  • make 2 braids from both sides.
  • take half of your hair with the braids into a ponytail, secure it, twist it into a bun.
  • with the left over hair, divide it into half- twist- keep twisting & go around the twisted bun, secure with bobby pins.
  • do this with the other half also.
  • & ur done!!!
My new Love!!! great for hot messy summers that will be coming soon..

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Just thought putting up hairstyle ideas would be fun..
So here's my 1st POST of Haisrstyle Of The Day..

Its a half French Braid from the left and continued on the front then on right side, ended it with a Fishtail braid.
I love how it look classy n trendy as you all know Braided hairstyles are so in right now!!! And this style also keeps the baby hair away from the face.
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