Monday, 30 April 2012

My Experience.. So I had a Beauty Tip!!!

I'm a oily beast during summers... & what i've always heard & read about beauty tips is you should clean , tone & moisturize your face however your skin type is daily twice.
So eventually i have a 3- STEP skin care routine from Clinique that suits my skin.
During these Oily months i'm not much into the moisturizer though it is oil free.. i use it morning & in the night waking up a little oily & spending the whole day oily faced even though I used a pea sized amount.
I wanted something that moisturizes my skin & is not oily at all!!
I had a bottle of Rose Water .. the usual from Dabur. I had heard & read that it works good on skin to moisturize & make it soft & supple. I thought lets give it a try..
& believe me it WORKS amazing!!!
I dabbed drops of rose water on the whole face & let it dry. Few more drops in every half hour if i'm @ home. & washed it off after 2-3 times when it get a little sticky.. it doesn't gets sticky but u feel something is there on your face...
I continued this routine @ night & slept, then in the morning after cleansing & toning i dabbed some more & let it dry then did my makeup. It keeps the oil AWAY!!! yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!
It also held to reduce the redness of the pimple & made the size of any pimple to minimize.
It worked wonders on me.

I recommend every skin type beauty to try it !!!

Have you tried it yet?
How was ur experience?
How do you use it?
Do leave a comment below!
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