Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trends To Try- Colored Denim

U Think Blue jeans is boring??? Or have you got bored from the same color of jeans in different shades that are in your wardrobe?
Y dontcha add some colors in it?
Every1 is sporting this look & they are setting the trends.
From the Dutchess to the Celebs.. everyone has a color. Spring is full of colors so why shudn't be your jeans? Colored denim are the HOTTEST Trend this season. From Electric Blue to romantic Peaches..

Some Trends on How to Wear:
1. With Grey & Tan: this combination will work with any colored denims from neon to pastel.

2. With black: Its a soft rock look, keep the accessories almost none.

3. With Floral Print/ Romantic: All time favorite with a girly blouse. Keep the accessories romantic as well but in soft shades. The overall look will be quiet pleasing.

4. With Stripes: Stripes look good with colored denims. Don't over do with accessories. Need not much to think about it...

5. Color Blocking: mixed & matched with solid colors. Keep in mind to keep the lighter color on top.
Some Tips:

  1. pastel colors work well on tanned skin tones.
  2. Try to keep your shoes flat or if you choose heels keep it in muted colors.
  3. keep accessories light.
  4. pair neon / super bright jeans with muted, greys or whites.
  5. if you are trying to color block it, keep the lighter shade on top & darker in bottom.
  6. Don't Over do with color blocking as it may look as if you are going to kindergarten!!!
  7. The fit has to be perfect as bright colors draw attention.
  8. Don't wear matching color same as the jeans.
  9. If you are not sure of wearing neons try darker colors like purples, deep reds, burgundy etc.
  10. Make it look sophisticated - just throw on a good blazer & you are good to go!!!
Thanks for reading..
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