Saturday, 28 April 2012

Trends to Try: Fuchsia Orange Lips this Season!!!

Tired of nude or red lips?
Why don't try Hot Pink, Fuchsia or Coral lips?
this has been a growing trend on the runway and among the celebrities.

as seen among the celebs..

Few choices on Fuchsia lipstick:
 Few choices on Coral lipstick:

How to rock these colors:
  • Line your lips..
  • Keep it simple silly.. with such a bold color you have to tone down your eyes & be subtle with all  the make up
  • Also keep your blush natural. dont over do it.
  • Do Prep n prime your lips before you put on the lipstick because bold colors magnifies the flaws. 
  • dab little lip balm as opaque colors dry out the lips.
  • while selecting the lipcolor make sure you get the undertone right. If your are fair get a blue undertone color & if you are on the duskier side get a shade with warm undertones.
  • always before buying such hot color TRY! TRY!!TRY!!! to make sure that the color suits you.
  • Blot & Repeat opaque lipcolors as 2 thin layers of colors are better than one thick layer. & this way it will even last longer.
  • A subtle way to wear brights during the day or in the office- stain your lips with the bright color & finish with a sheer gloss.
  • & last of all.. make sure you are confident about wearing it!!!
Who shudn't wear?
some one who has thin lips! or someone with crooked smile.. you want to call the attention away from it.

So, What Do You Think???
Will you wear this trendor this osn't just your thing?
What will you like to wear? Hot pink? bubble gum barbie pink? orange or coral?
Do let me know!
Do leave a comment below...
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