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Clinique 3 Step Anti-Blemish Solution- Review, My Thoughts, Photos!!!

Hi Beautiful!!!
Would be reviewing & giving my thoughts on Clinique's 3 Step Anti Blemish Solution.
I have been suffering from acne since ages.. it doesn't go ever! I have tried almost everything & do almost everything to get rid of it! but it doesn't go! :(
So, anyways.. getting back to the topic.. I bought this 3 step anti blemish solution to treat my acne. I have been using this since February.

It consists of 3 things:
  1. cleansing foam
  2. clarifying lotion
  3. clearing moisturizer

Ok.. Here is..
Step 1: Cleansing Foam.
Price: Rs 1380/-
Qty: 125ml


What It Says, How to Use: 

What I say:
Its an EXPENSIVE face wash! Ofcourse!!!! Its Clinique!!
I use this 2 times as said AM & PM. Its a non soapy non slippery type face wash. It almost doesn't smells but it have a very light fragrance to it.. I use 1.5- 2 pumps & gently rub it on my face. It take 5-7 splashes of water to take of.
Some how it doesn't deep cleans my skin as other facewash does because I have noticed when i use the clarifying lotion after the wash, the cotton ball gets more dirt on it as compared to when i use a normal facewash it doesn't get so much dirt on the cotton ball.

Step 2: Clarifying lotion
Price: Rs 1400/-  & something!

Qty: 200ml

What It Says:

What I Say:
Ouch!.. this is what i said when i used it first.. Oh!!! it stung! It contains alcohol & is a very strong toner !
It cleans awesome! I feel it that it does everything to clear my skin, removes dirt & dead cells, pollutants, excess oil sebum etc. It also unclogs pores. I makes my skin feel fresh. Its the best toner I have ever used. It contains high amounts of alcohol but i think this is wot my skin needs. I use it on a cotton ball twice a day. I use it all over the face lifting it upwards, on the neck also. I have noticed  if an acne comes it helps to decrease its size within 2 days. It also doesn't dries my skin.
Shouldn't use it around eyes.  You have to shake it well before use because all the salicylic acid salts sits still at the bottom. Wish the mouth of the bottle could have been different as when you open it & use it asap you have to recap the lip as its very big, you may by mistake spill it & it will also evaporate. Although the mouth is big the amount you get on the cotton ball is sufficient for the whole face.

Step 3:Clearing Moisturizer Hydrant Purifier
Price: Rs 1400/-

Qty: 50ml


What It Says:

What I say:  Its one of the best moisturizers I have ever come across.  Its Oil free, light weight, it soothes my skin, skin feels soft, hydrated, smooth & healthy. It soaks asap after the step 1 & 2. Easy to apply, goes on like butter. It has a very light fragrance. Skin doesn't feels greasy or oily.
It claims to control oil but it doesn't, my face turns oily after 5hours. It sits well underneath my makeup. A small pea size amount goes on the whole face.

 Pros all over:
  • clarifying lotion & moisturizer does what it says.
  • clarifying lotion is the best toner ever.
  • moisturizer does all the good things to the skin.
  • moisturizer will last for almost 6 months.
  • all 3 products last for around 16- 18 weeks.
  • Super expensive, cant be afforded by everyone.
  • clarifying lotion stings a bit in 1st use.
  • clarifying lotion also smell strong
  • cleansing foam does nothing to my skin except cleaning it mildly.
  • some how my skin has stopped responding to the anti blemish solution so again i have started getting acne as before.
Verdict:  Over all its an average skin care routine products. The packaging is good.
It started working at first but eventually the pimples began appearing again after certain period of time. I swear by the moisturizer & toner, but im looking for a reasonably priced skin care routine. I wouldn't buy the foam wash ever again.
I knew it was pricey but i still bought thinking it will work.. but it din't :'(
I wouldn't buy it again.

Rating- 4/5

what product do you use for your skin care?
Which one is your favorite toner of all time?
What have you use from the brand clinique?
Do let me know an alternative oil free moisturizer!


  1. such an xpnsv range and didnt work :(

    1. yup.. i dint im heartbroken now.. hunting for something good.. thinking of the tea tree oil collection from TBS.. wot say?

  2. wow..wat a review.I was about to purchase this..u saved my new to ur blog..awesome space girl..following u now..pls visit my blog n support...:)

  3. oops....such an expensive dud:-(
    nice blog you have! i'm following you! share some love back, visit my blog:

    1. seriously its a dud.. i had my full faith in it.. but :'(...
      show some love n follow me.. following u 2..

  4. Hi... You know I just created an account so that I can comment, I love your blog and thank you for writing.. I am glad that you told me so I will never buy this..Lotus products have given me great results.. Plus I have the same problem like u.. ACNE.. But trust me 1 gharka solution my mom gave and it all goes.. if you constantly do it... :)XOXO..

    1. hey thanks million naz!!! il see now if lotus will wrk fr me! yes i als try lot of homemade stuffs.. its wrks well.. wot d u use? do let me know!


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