Sunday, 13 May 2012

Just Arrived- from & unpacking it.. & Photos

so one more package arrived.. just shopped online once again ..
I prayed that this time I should be excited about it.. but couldn't be .. i was rather angry about it..
ya.. the story can be predictable.. the delivery boy called that he is coming.. but he dint come.. next day he called but stil he dint appear as he was "BUSY".. next day he came but couldn't trace my house as i have just shifted in the next flat so he tought no1 stay in my apartment anymore as he just saw people working & renovating my place.. & he dint even bother to call me & tell that.. he dint even have the brains to ask the watchman of the building.. Use less fellow.. So i called him up & ordered him to come today asap.. Atlast he appeared.
So ya..
coming back to the topic..
these are the thing i got.. this is how it looked!
1st buy from

the packaged goodies
Elle 18 nail pops & NYX Round lipstick- without flash

Elle 18 nail pops & NYX Round lipstick with flash
Also see here what i got for the 1st time shopping online
Elle 18 nail pops in 26, 51 & 50

Elle 18 nail pops in 26, 51 & 50
  •  Elle18 Nail Pops- Rs 45/- each
NYX Roung Lipstick in Georgia
  • MPR Rs 395/- i got it for Rs 295/-
Damaged Georgia!!!
NYX Round Lipstick in Georgia- without flash
Have you ever got damaged products when shopping online?
& If you did what have you done with it? got back to the supplier?
Do let me know..

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