Sunday, 13 May 2012

May Haul!!! yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Hiiiiiii Gorgeous!!!
So here's my stuff that i got this month!!!

 3 Nail paints

  • Colorbar Nail Laquer, Extrovert, 9ml, original price rs120/-.. they had some discount so i got for Rs 90/- . Its a gorgeous magenta shade
  • Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 15ml, Rs 125/-. Its a very bright light blue wit shimmer.
  • Jordana Nail Polish, 15ml, Rs 125/-. Its a NEON!!!

4 pairs of flower earring.. currently i have been obsessed with flower earring .. I dont know Y!

Check my last months HAUL Even here
  • Aldo earrings, a pair of 2, Rs 600/-
  • toniQ accessories, 2 flower earring with a diamond stud ion the middle, Rs 99/- each. I got it in red & dark pink color.
 2 face packs.. 1 time use only.

  • Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack with collagen, Vitamin E Cucumber Extract & Olive Oil. Rs 12/-!!! What 12 buck? Purederm is a well-known brand I still have double thoughts for this stuff.. Il definitely have a review for this mask.
  • Garnier Skin Natural Light- Lightening peel Off mask. This has 2 satchel .. ive used 1 already before the photograph.. I got it for Rs60/-

 I have been longing to buy a foot creme.. so i ended up getting this 1

  • Freeman Bare Foot softening foot lotion peppermint & plum. Rs220/-... aaaaaaaaaahhhh it smells sooooo good!!! just like bubblegum.. Can i eat it?? 

  • Miss Claire Easy Liner for eyes in the shades Glacier Green & Peacock, Rs 150/- each. WOW!!!

  •  Look at these cute pair of tweezers!!! LOVE!!!!! Rs 40/-

  •  Colorbar instant coverup stick concealer,Caramel Treat, Rs 425/-

  •  Colorbar Velvette Matte lipstick in Addictive Magenta, 4.2g, Rs225/- <3

& lastly this cute chic cotton top in pink!!!! wots with me? Everything im buying this month is PINK!!!
  • lacey top, MAX, Rs 599/-
Its soooo good to go shopping..

Wot did you buy recently?
Was anything pink?

Shourima :)
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