Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack- Quick Review!

I was looking out for a cooling face mask for this summer.. & i spotted this!
Its the Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack
Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack

Price: Rs12/- for 10ml.
It Rs 48.51/- in medplusbeauty (I don't know why such huge difference)
This is just for 1 time use if not applied on neck.

Product Description, How to Use & Ingredients:
Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack- description, how to use & ingredients

My thoughts on  it:
Since i'm a combination-oily skin blessed girl.. so i think alot to buy any face packs. I usually make them at home because of the fear of breaking out! & at the same time i wanted to try out some cooling face masks.
So i got his one as it had cucumber in it. Its a very pale green color gel type mask with extremely soft granular texture. The granules spreads & gets converted to gel so you don't feel the grains at all. Very mild cucumber type smell. Quantity is enough for one time use & it goes upto half neck. It spreads evenly. I thought that it will be cooling because of the cucumber but you don't feel the coolness so much.
I kept it on for 15mins. It doesn't dries. Washing off takes a little effort.
After washing my face & patting it dry my skin was a little brighter. I was soft & smooth but not exceptional!
Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack

Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack- this is how the gel looks like

Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack- on my forehead


  • very in-expensive face mask
  • will suit all skin types
  • moisturizes skin & smoothens skin
  • skin feels fresh
  • benefits of olive oil
  • effect of the smoothness & softness is temporary.
  • not available easily.
Verdict: Overall its an average facemask.
I think everyone should try it once! You wouldn't mind the soft glow on your face.

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried such face pack?
Do let me know!



  1. Yet to try this out!can try once!

    1. Sur give it a try!! do let me know how it work on you!


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