Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Freeman Salt Body Scrub- Guava- Review,Photos, My Thoughts!

Helooo there!!!
I would be giving my thoughts on the body scrub which is from Freeman's Feeling Beautiful range..
This one is the Salt Body Scrub in Guava flavor!
Price: uuhhhh let me think.. Rs 225/- may be..
Qty: 150ml.

What It Says? Direction..

What I Say?
 Its a thick  grainy gel body scrub. Its thick like a cake mix! It smells yummmm!!! Its like watermelon+ guava!
this scrub has really big grains of  salt, but it doesn't scratches your skin at all. The grains aren't hard. It scrubs the skin really well.. & it does make the skin soft & smooth.
I hate the packaging. Its a hard squeezy  tube, when it comes to end its very difficult to get the last bit of product out.

  • smells awesome
  • leaves skin soft & smooth, & it stays so for quiet a long time.
  • skin feels moisturised
  • removed dead cells & skin
  • will suit everyone
  • dry skin beauties may like this one
  • has natural ingredients
  • leaves a gel like feeling on the skin >_<
  • you need to use quiet a lot of the product, so you tend to use it up fast 0_o
  • salt piece is a little too big, so the palm of your hand may feel a little irritated because of the fiction.
  • have to struggle to get the product out. >_<
  • i dont like the packaging.
Verdict: Its an average product,  smells really good! You may try it once, but i bet il get something better than this. Im usually not a fan of gel like scrubs.

Rate:  3.5 /5

What's your favorite scrub?
Let me know so il try!

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