Saturday, 16 June 2012

June Empties... De- Hauling it!

This is a first post that i'm doing of showing you guys of what i ran out of this month.
Its like De- Hauling (if this word makes any sense)!!! Showing you all what i'm throwing away because its empty..
Il also let you know the final verdicts of the products..

So the first products is..
Lush Flying Fox The Sex- Appeal  Shower Gel.
this has been my love for a very long time.. It was there with me for say about 14months.. hehe.. coz i never wanted to use it up! It smelled like heaven. After the shower , the scent of it still used to linger in my bathroom.. Aaaahhhhhh it smelled so nice.
Il repurchase if i spot this one in Lush stores.

Lakme Fruit Blast Strawberry Facewash
Im totally in love with this lil guy here.. he was there with for about 8months. It makes you feel so fresh. I guess everyone of you must have used it. The micro grains in this facewash also exfoliates gently.
im buying this again after the Clean & Clear Morning face wash gets over.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam
 Then here is the most awaited facewash that i was praying to get over soon !!! This stayed with me for 4 months. & thank god that its over. Il never buy this thing again..
Want to why i don't like this one? Read Here

Then 2 hair care products..
L'oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing shampoo for damaged hair
June Empties
This is also a good shampoo. My hair is not damaged but it works great & i found hair has turned a little softer. I didn't buy these sachet but i had got 4 of these when i had bought some stuffs of L'oreal from Body & Glow, Infinity Malad.
Yup will try the whole bottle...

Parachute Scalp Therapie , Hair fall control
 This is also a good therapie oil. I usually use normal hair oil, but wanted to try this because the advertisement caught my eye.While using it my hair was a bit softer & looked healthier. & also it did what this lil guy claimed, I had very less hair fall.
Buying it again!!!

Thought to do something different...Hope you liked this post.
Do let me know about your thoughts reading this..


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