Friday, 22 June 2012

The Leopard! NOTD#3!

So this is whats is on my nails this week!.. Week?? uuuhhh.. half of the week has already passed..
So this is whats on my nails half of this week..
Its a pink, black & white leopard print nail art that i did.
 Nail Paints that i used:

Step 1:
Paint the nails.. as simple as that!!!!

Step 2:
With a thin brush, if you have old eyeliner brush even that will do or artist paint brush in #00
pick up the black color, & stipple on the nails. make sure you don't go totally round, keep some leopard print ref with you if you aren't sure how the print will be.
make sure that you have enough quantity on the brush tip.

Step 3:
take the white paint on the brush, & dot it in the middle of the leopard spots.
Its not necessary to dot it in all the middle of the spots you made.

& the final look..

Hope you liked the nail art!

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