Friday, 29 June 2012

Ooops I Hauled Again!!! June End Haul & my new Lipstick Storage!

Someone please slap me & stop me from buying anything...!!!

I don't understand how much should i spend actually?
I spend & then i think il save next month..
& then before the "NEXT MONTH" arrives i have a new list to shop for..
I'm such a shopaholic!!! Save Me!
OK so coming back to the topic..
I shopped.. & Im hauling again..

So 1st.. This is the sun block that i Won from Bhumikas Giveaway.. New-Lovemakeup
Its the Aura Vedic Brightening Sun Block Lotion.
 I went to Inorbit to collect it...
& as the winner of the giveaway I even had additional 15% off on any further purchase.
I stayed away from more purchases.. & more over i din't find anything interesting..

Then this Cosmetic Case, where i store my lipstick in..
This is for Rs 350 something.. (il update later for sure)
Got it from Home Stop.

 This is how earlier my lippie storage used to look like..
It used to be in a metal frame case.

This is how it looks now after organizing it!
I would be getting one more of these. As my lipstick collection is getting bigger every month!

Then these cute star shaped gold earring studs.
From Ginger, Rs 199/-

 Then these cute shell wall stickers, again from HomeStop.
Rs 326/- you get 8 stickers. & these stickers are removable.
Isn't my bedroom wall looking cute?

Then 1 tshirt from Lifestyle.
Rs 699/- . Its a cute mint color jersey tshirt. I love the rugby stripes on the sleeves.!!

& that's it!
Hope you liked my mini haul!
many more hauls coming up next month as its my "Birthday Month" .. so i have full advantage of shopping anything i want. But i will try to control my self! promise! No impulsive buying!
Only those thing which are listed on my Birthday Wishlist!


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