Sunday, 15 July 2012

Clothes, Sandals & Accessories July Haul!!!

Hey All..
Birthday is nearing.. & as said before I will just have 1 more haul! No No this is not the last haul post of my life! It just the last Haul Post of this month! haha..
I got some sandals, clothes & accessorie. This is my1st Haul where im not showing make up! can you beat that? lol

So let me show you 1st what il be wearing for my Bday..
I got this pretty Georgette top from Forever New, Rs2400/-

It has the cutest lace trim details.. It off white in color.
Do you know i got this in the month of Feb, Ya that's right February! which is 5 month before my Bday! Because I always end up buying crap when my birthday nears as its the sale time & most of the brands don't keep their best stock in shelf when sales are near.

Then 2 sailor inspired tshirts from Lokhandwala market, for both of these I payed 450/- bucks.. Steal huh?

Then these cotton chinos trousers from Tommy Hilfiger, Rs 1990/- on sale, Original price Rs 3440/-
 I love the trim details of this troser, it has light blue gingham check & pinstripes. Im not a formal trouser fan, but I had to get 1 as I have to attend a 2 day long office conference. & I dont think so jeans is a good option for this event :/ & i hate hate hate the polyester trousers that are usaully available as Formal Trousers. I will die but will never wear them.

These are my 2nd pair of the jelly type studded rain sandals. I had the 1st one in a light purple color which recently broke :(. I loved the style so much that i had to get another one of the same type. It also has a good grip so there is no chance that you will slip & fall on slippery roads.
Rs 200/- Lokhandwala. The 1st pair i had got it for Rs 180/- last year.

A statement neckpiece, Rs 400/- It is like dull gold with a turquoise(faux) stone in the middle.

A pair of golden hoop earrings, Rs 30/- 
& the pair just below it is so freaking cute! It like colorful velvet ball with dull oxidized gold hardware on it. I got this one from the train. Rs 20/- awesome!!!

Then these crystal bracelets. I'm usually not a bracelet fan but i thought to get these so i could stack them with my watch. Stacking these days are so in.. If you follow me in Pinterest you will know how many pictures i have pinned of stacked jewellery in one hand.
 on left rs 150/- on the right Rs 180/-

I actually wanted a watch with white straps. I had a birthday wishlist where i had mentioned it, but i couldnt find the "one". So i ended up getting this one. No No!!! this is not original! huh.. il not spend 15000 buck on watch! because i usually get bored accessories very fast, & i dont feel like wearing them more than 6-8months. So i always buy the 1st copes.I got this from Lokhandwala!!! Hahaha!!
I love this 1 .. its got cute cheetah print & the right amount of bling!
Rs 850/-

A cute lil hairband which is a coral pink color with stars, Rs 70/-

So that's it!

If you missed out on my long Hauls of this month here is the easy way to see them.. 1st 2nd & 3rd

Let me know if you too get something way too early to use it! Hope you liked my haul!

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