Sunday, 29 July 2012

Egg yolk on my nails!! NOTD & entry for Cute Nails.

Haha.. I know that name sound weird & probably it got you here. But what to do? The nail color that im wearing this week reminds me of egg yolks!
This week im wearing a brand new nailpaint that i got! You must be wondering that i'm on make up Ban Period! But yes.. just to let you know i dint buy this after i declared BAN , but got it just a day before my birthday!

Its the Maybeliine Colorama in Amarelo Sol, Rs 90/-. Its very bright sunshine yellow, yes almost like the color of the egg yolks! It needs 3 coats to get opaque color. It dries quiet fast too..

 This is also my entry for cutenails ongoing giveaway!

Hope you liked the color..
Have you tried such egg yolk yellows?

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