Thursday, 5 July 2012

Got my 1st Coastal Scents Palette! 88 Prism Palette.

After counting lots of days, asking the Coastal Scents Team few questions, sending them ticket mails I finally received my Coastal Scents Palette!!!!
My god how impatient i can get, well to re-frame this sentence I am Impatient!
I have been thinking to buy a Coastal Scents Palette since a 10,000 years... but I never had the guts to give my credit card info to any unknow online website! I means ofcourse this brand is known to everyone.. but still!
Then I researched a bit, asked a few Beauty bloggers online, & then finally placed my order on 7th of June!
Oh yes i researched more!!! I wasn't sure which palette to get? The 88 Original or the 88 Prism! I read lots of reviews on both, some comparisons & then decided to get the Prism!
& Voilaaaaa the Prism was on sale!

Original Price: $19.95

Sale Price: $11.95
Shipping & Handling: $15.88
Grand Total: $27.85 
So I payed around Rs 1531.85/-
& ya i dint pay any extra customs for it. Yaaaaaayyy!!
I placed my Order on 7th june & received my order on 3rd July. 
So it came within 19 working days that excludes Saturdays & Sundays. that's pretty good.
The CS Team also replied to my ticket mail saying that it usually takes 16-31 working days.

WARNING: Post with Loads of Photos !!!!!



This palettes' gradation of colors are very good.

Then i got a free sample! (I love free samples)
Its a Gold Dust Mineral E/S


I'm loving the palette now!
I think its a steal for this price!

Have you ordered something from CS? If yes let me know what? & how many days did it take to reach you?


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