Monday, 23 July 2012

How I get my perfect Winged Liner!

Hi all,
Today i wanted to do a make up tutorial for you guys & show you how i do my "Perfect Winged Liner" .  I love love love winged liners! & alot of people have always asked me how i do this! & always complimented how lovely it looks! So i thought that i should be nice & keep no secrets & share how i do it Perfectly!
So here is a pictorial step by step tutorial..

Lets start...

1. place a card/visiting card from the corner of your eye to the edge of your eyebrow, & press a bit so that it makes a light line on your skin.. be gentle.
2. this will create a guideline for the wing.

3. with your favorite liquid liner mark a line on the guideline as long as you want your wing liner to be
4. start lining from the half of your eye close to the lash line

5. line the 3/4 of the inner corner
6. line the inner corner.
7. make a V in the outer corner
8. fill it in...
9.apply liner as a guide line away from the lashline
10. fill it in...
11. curl your lashes
12. put ur favorite volumizing mascara
13. & tadaaaaaaaaaa!!!! You are done!

here a quick revision of what i did above...
How I get my perfect Winged Liner!

Hope you liked this tutorial. Its very easy & you will never get it wrong! Trust Me!
Because of the card method the wings of both the eye will look same.
Do let me know if you have tried this method. & also let me know if you have any tricks to get your Winged Perfect!
Tip: to get your perfect winged liner, you should use a brush with thinnest applicator. I used my Bourjois Clubbing liner in Ultra Black.

& yes even let me know if this pictorial tut helped you understand as i always under it better in a pictorial reference than a write up!

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