Monday, 30 July 2012

I wish I had not bought these...

Hi all..
how many beauty products you have in your vanity & you think that you could just rewind & go back in the past & made a wise decision of not buying those products??? Yeah.. right now im feeling the same thing..
As the title of this post says that il share the products that i really wish i had not bought it!

So let me show you the 1st product..
Its the White Citrus fragrance body mist from Bath & Body work. I payed Rs 580/- for this.
This doesn't stays on me! It vanishes in to thin air! I had got it in the month of Feb or March & i have hardly used it 10 times! As the name suggests it smells of citrus (i got it thinking that it will be great to smell like citrus in summers :P).. It smells good. Its a mist so i don't expect that the fragrance should be heavy.... But why it doesn't stays?
I love bronzers!!! & this was my 1st.. i wanted a bronzer & i had looked up online, found this was a new one from Maybelline in their Dream Mousse collection , read some review & finally bought it! It was for Rs 180/-.  Its not a bad product but i have not been reaching out so much for this. I usually wear the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Bronzer or the NYX Bronzer in Daydream of Lanai.
I got it last August i guess & see how less i have used it! Again.. its not a bad product but im not using it much. Its mousse but it doesn't gets patchy or rubs my make up off.

I really think that sometimes some brands come up with products without testing it!!! & it hink kaya skin clinic did the same with this under eye gel. I have been using it since 6 months now. it claims to lighten & smooth the under eye area. But it has done no good to my under eye. It stings my eye! What on earth any under eye gel will do that? Its a total duh product & i totally regret paying some Rs 550/- for this tube of crap!
Hunt for a good under eye creme is on!

Do you have an eyeliner which feels like melted plastic on your eyes? & you pull & tug when you are trying to remove it? Yes this is exactly how you feel when you put Chambor Smooth on eye liner. Price: Rs 525/- something
The color is brilliant but its a little thick. I hate this product from the core of my heart. It doesn't wants to come out of the eyes even after trying it to remove with makeup removing wipes & then using a creme or make up remover lotion. Gosh!!! is it made with Fevi Quick? After the war with this eyeliner my eye lid pains a bit. I hardly use this liner. will throw it away soon!

Say hi to my 1st liquid Make Up Remover! Its the Maybelline Make Up Remover for eyes & lips, Rs 190/-. While buying this i din't realize that there was blue color oil floating in this solution! As you know i have oily T zone, so i don't like anything oily. I thought that this blue floating thing will be some kind of toner like cleanser but it was not!
Its not a bad product, but i just dint like it so much. It removes the make up efficiently but leaves the oil on my face. & i hate the feeling of heavy oily on my face while washing it. eeeeuh!!!
Il not buy this again. Im happy with my Kara make up removing wipes.

So that's it.. I had a few more stuff to show, but if i would have added it , this post would have become a mile long! lol.. & i saved it for my 2nd post.

Let me know if you liked this post?
How many things in your vanity you wish you had not bought it? Comment below..

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