Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Empties.. & De- Hauling It!

Hi all,
So Here i'm again with some more stuffs that just finished.. So im up with my July Empties post. This month i finished using using 3 hair products, 2 body products & 1 skin care product.
Im really happy that some of these got over, & one of it i'm throwing it away though a little product is remaining.
Read on to know more..

Hair Products...
So let me start with " Never Buy this" product.. Yes this is a total bummer! It does nothing to my hair, but only makes them sticky. There is still product left in this one but im not going to use it so its going in the trash. Read my review here.

Then here is one more heartbreaker! Its Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask. I dint expect this hair mask to be a duh product.. Read HERE to know more. I was waiting for this to get over. So il go back again to my Dove Damage Therapy Hair Mask again!

Here is a sweetheart!
I have had a very good experience with Dove always. Nourishing Oil Care is my go-to conditioner. My hair reacts to this product in a very healthy manner. It feels soft, manageable, healthy, smooth & all things good with this one. Curently im using the Dove Intense Repair Conditioner. Il go back to this one once it is finished. Price: Rs


So this is a deo spray that smells like vanilla! This is the  Spinz Black Magic,I got it for Rs 150/-. It a good body spray & stays for quiet a long time. I was actually eyeing the Boots Vanilla Body Spray, but for some reasons i dint buy it. & then the very next day I spotted this & billed it!

Here is a body scrub that smell yummmy!!!! Its the Freeman Salt Body Scrub Guava. Price, Rs 225/-. Its a thick grainy body scrubs, but i don't like it so much as it leaves behind a layer of greasy gel like residue on the skin. & even i don't like the packaging either, you have to struggle to get the product out. Good that its over now, I get the Freeman Pomegranate Body Sugar Scrub!!!

I also finished up using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion. It is a really good toner but just for the price il not repurchase it. It suited my skin. Does its job well.

Ok.. so this is last & smalles one in todays post.. I had got  it some 3yrs back.  now it dry & all used up & cant be used at all! Its the Maybellines Colorama nailpaint in a light peachy color in a metalic finish. I don't remember the price :(.. but this was a good color.

Have you seen my June Empties?

So this month i finished up alot of things.. & there are alot of things that i have to get.(pissht.. I have already make a list in my phone..)  Yeah im on a Make up Ban! But the things that i finished up using is not Make up! Haha..
But Il try my best not to spend on unnecessary products & NO Implulse buying!

Hope you liked this post.. :)



  1. Loved it! I love seeing empties post haha. :P I myself am trying to empty few from my stash and am not able to actually! Hope i am done with them soon so that i can do a post on it soon. :D

    1. Hey thanks jyoti.. even i love empties posts..

  2. hi shourima, now u can purchase new stuff without guilt, atleast thats what it means to me :)
    following u thru gfc, btw...:)

    1. without guilt? i never buy anything feeling guilty afterwards..

  3. Getting rid of your impulsive buying is the most difficult, isn't it?? Hey following you as per NBBN's norms.. Do check out mine and hope you follow my blog as well ;)

  4. Makeup ban.. All the best... nice post :)

  5. Except deos, I can never finish up everything..finally get tired..and request my mom to finish up the shampoos,etc :D

    1. hehe! in my case i make it a point to finish!


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