Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Make up collection & Storage│A little childhood story.

Hey All,
I have been collection make up for quiet a long time now. & I also have figured out quiet a decent storage for them.
I love doing make up!!! Im a makeup addict! As my mom & everyone in the family says that i loved make up so much that i used to use my moms kajal & lipstick when i was may be just 3 yrs old!!! Ofcourse i don't remember anything about that.. but im pretty sure that my LOVE for make up must have started from that time itself! I used to wear my mom's dupatta as a saree, scribble lipstick on my mouth put some red round bindi, wear my moms jewellery & bangles that used to fit in my arms & i used to roam around in the house.. this is the story told by my Pishimuni (Dad's sister) & Didu (Granny). I imagine how i must have looked!

So as promised yesterday (on Facebook) that i will show my collection & storage as i will be cleaning my shelf today. Here Im with my baby..
P.S. Im not bragging or flaunting my collection. I just have a decent amount of collection & i would love to share it with you guys (only pictures haha). & Im very proud of it.

Also note: Its a picture heavy post. Please be patient.

so lets start with this lil drawer..
I got this from Malad for 150/- buck! haha can you believe that??? Its a cute lil 4 drawer stores in Pink color (ofcourse) & alot of make up gets inside even if its little! ( i made it more cute by adding those fluffy heart stickers)
I'm looking for a little bigger drawers.. which is clear acrylic. You know how Muji Storage has their stuffs. But unfortunately we don't have Muji here in India so i'm on a hunt for a better a bigger storage.
As Ikea is coming to India by this year end, hope to find some good storage options there!

So here's my 1st drawer..

I basically keep all my single eyeshadows here. I have alot of VOV & Miss Claire single E/S.

Here is the 2nd drawer up close..

 I keep all the palettes, few single e/s & 1 sharpener here..
Some are the the korean unbranded palettes, 1 fake MAC palettes (for your info: it was a gift!, i would no have bought fake MAC Haha!) . You see the palette in the right corner, it was my 1st e/s palette. Its a brand called Cameleon! Never heard right? yeah..

My 3rd drawer has all the face stuffs.. concealers, blushes, pressed powders,bronzer & highlighter..
 A generous display of all..

You see the small container? its a sample from Clinique anti Blemish Foundation. I love it but don't use it right now. Probably i have become dark or the foundation has changed color! Il try using it in the winters.
I have  a cutest twist up blush brush from Estee Lauder. Its not mine it was my mom's.. hehe.. I still use it! Its awesome! & also an old Estee Lauder mascara wand to tame my brows.

The 4th & last drawer has my liquid liners, brow kit, eye lash adhesive, some perfumes, lipbalms & my 1st Lakme Pressed powder (i don't use it any more) & also my 1st lipgloss from Maybelline , i dint threw it away as i have some emotional attachment with it as it was my 1st!!! haha.. & also my 1st masacra the Define-a-Lash from maybelline again! I have my emotional attachments with this lil guy too!
I dont know why but i can never throw away my "1st" things? Do you have this emotional attachment too??? let me know.. so il not think if im the only weirdo living!

 So here i show you the eye pencil & lip pencil stash.. I keep all pencils together in a glass. It was actually a whiskey glass, one day i was getting bored & i wanted to paint something with acrylic color.. So my dad gave me this glass. I was in school then, I first used as my pen/pencil holder, then when school college ended i converted to again pencil holder but a cosmetic one! Nice Na!
 all the pencils together..

here is a close up of what i painted when i was a kiddo..

In this metal frame i keep all the things that doesn't fits in the drawers. Earlier I used to keep my lippies here.. (see photo).

 I keep my 5 new MUA single e/s, Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturizer, Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral finishin powder, & NYX bronzer.

My brushes..
I keep it in a wooden holder. I will be changing the holder soon as all the brushes are stacked together. Need something new.

& here in this tub i keep my mascaras. Earlier i kept my mascaras in the 3rd drawers but since it was full, & there was no space i shifted it here. This is my 2nd cosmetic storage tub. See the haul Here.
I also keep my new True Match foundation, bourjois kabuki brush, more lipsticks, nail paint remover here..

& this is my 1st cosmetic storage tub. i got it from Home Stop. All my lippies & few tools rest here.

My audrey's eyelash curler, 2 tweezers, 1 black heaqd remover (no i dont have black head, i use it to remove dead cells from around my mouth & nose, you should keep 1 too!) & nail filer.
My lipstick collection!!!!!!!

& here i end my Collection & storage post!
Oh man.. this post took alot of time!!!
Hope you liked my collection! i know you must have a better collection than mine.. but i love sharing things with you guys..
If you have any collection posts of yours, do post a link below..would love to see it!

Trivia: I love watching make up collection videos on Youtube! Do you?

& ya il do a detailed posts of every collection that i have.. stay tuned!

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