Sunday, 5 August 2012

6 Teen Teen & Miss Claire Lipstick swatches!

Hi all,
Today im doing a post which includes two of my favorite lipstick brands that is Teen Teen & Miss Claire.
I cant stop raving about these lippies! I can't live without these lovelies!

These are the shades that i own.
amazeballs right?

61- lightest pink nude (see how it looks on me)
36- metallic peach
52- Nude (see how it looks on me).
54-dark brown
24- hot pink
23-deep hot pink.
swatches in different lighting..

Both Teen teen & Miss Claire have the same texture & feel of the lipsticks. They are just the same! I guess it the same manufacturer with different names? I really dont know im just guessing.
The price may vary from Rs 125/- to 150/- depends where you get it from. Till now it is not available online anywhere except ebay.

Reviews too coming soon!!!
Hope you have these in your wishlist! If you see them anywhere don't have second thoughts just grab them!!!!


  1. loved the shades! nicely pigmented & inexpensive!

  2. awesome..nice shades u hav picked

  3. i just loved them all....tell me where can i buy them :)

    1. try any beauty stores which keeps vov & other korean brands.

  4. hey from which site did u get dem. bdw lovely colours. =)

    1. thanks. i have a beauty store near my place i got it from there.

  5. Really very good shades.To get more ideas and new shades you should subscribe Magazine from Abstakt.
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  6. luvly shades...i want them all :))

    following you....Follow and support my blog too


    1. hey renji thanks alot! m already following you!


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