Wednesday, 29 August 2012

August Empties & What To Repurchase?

Hey gurls!
As the title suggests that this post will be about this months empties so without further ado lets jump into it!

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: Awesomeee! Its my life savior! I use it every single night on my acne scars & the to- be acne before going to sleep & wake up in the morning with much lesser erupted acne . Il always get this one, it the best spot treatment. I already have a backup.

2. Maybelline Colossal Mascara: Its a very good volumizing masacara. Its inexpensive & does what it claims. I have already got a back up! & i will always re purchase this one!

3. Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Concealer: I had got this one to use under the eye as its an illuminating one. Its quiet an average product with average pigmentation. You need to set it with a loose powder. Doesnt creases & stays on for around 6hrs. Uh.. I wouldn't repurchase it as il try something like this from other brands. Overall its a good product for everyday use.

4. Silk-n-Shine Hair Potion: I love this potion! It works wonders. no tangle, non greasy & amazing shinny hair! I will always repurchase this one too!

5. Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo in Ice Cool Menthol: I had got this in the month of March I guess. I love this one! Its best when you have itchy scalp due to heat & sweat. Its not harsh on hair too It instantly cools & refreshes your scalp! I totally recommend it! give it a try. Il get it again in summers.

6. LUX Peach & Creme Body Wash:  its not a thing for me. Its way too slippery & takes ages to come off. I wont get it again. Smells good though!

Can believe August also went past by.. I feel 2012 just started few days back & now within 4 months this year will also get over! Time flies I say!
Any ways.. Hope you liked my post!

If you have any suggestions for good spot treatment product do let me know in the comments below!


  1. I have the silk-n-shine hair potion and it works great for me too :) Nice post!

  2. Doesn;t it feel so great whwn you are able to come up with an empties post?
    I feel this motivation also is keeping me off the impulse shopping are saving my dough as well.
    Lovely post and I love the Colossal Volume Mascara as well!!! I have actually used up a whole tube of it :D
    I wanted the bourjois concealer, but I would give it a miss now

    1. it really is nivedita!You feel so satisfied that you had bought a product & you completely used it! & some are worth the money & some still lie on the dresser! I wonder when those will get over!
      yes you can give a miss to the Bourjois HM concealer..

  3. Silk & shine hair potion makes my hair oily :( I use the same Maybelline mascara & yeah even I ll repurchase it when I empty it :)

  4. I never have empties! LOL! I buy things before I finish the previous. x.x I had tried that Bourjois concealer in the store, didn't like it much either. :/ I got the more heavy duty one instead. :)

    1. hehe i try really hard to finish everything!
      yeah the concealer is ok types.. its ok foe a light coverage for daily wear.. but i like mine a bit more pigmented than this!

  5. nice post !! i agree with u on tea tree oil - it works wonders

  6. I love the colossal volume mascara tooo! :D

  7. Does the tea tree oil help in lightening acne scars and blemishes as well, apart from drying new ones?

    1. yes it does! but you need to use it regularly & the effect does comes but takes a little time.


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