Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose- Review,Swatches, LOTD!

Hi Gurls!
Il review my 1st product from Avon & my second Pink Lippy from my collection. Its the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose.
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose
Avon UMRR Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose
Price: Rs 299/- it may differ with monthy discounts..

What I say...
I love the packaging of Avons lipsticks. Its black with a rose gold band in the middle of the lipstick that separates it from Avons other lipstick ranges.
The color is a very pretty light candy floss pink. The texture is different than any other lipsticks that i have...When you apply there is a little crispy feel, like there is some grainy particles in it. Its like Maybelline Colorsensational Coral lustre lipstick. It has a glossy finish. Feels very lightweight weight on the lips.

Avon UMRR Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose
Avon UMRR Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose
Avon UMRR Lipstick In Blushing Bride Rose- swatches in different lighting
 The pigmentation is quiet average. You need 3 -4 swipes to get opaque coverage. Its is very  moisturizing & it glides on very easily. Even after 3-4 swipes it doesn't looks cakey.
With 1 single swipe
With 3-4 swipes
I wore the lipstick as it is with 4 swipes & it stays for around 5-5.5 hrs on me without meals & drinks. After meals it left just a light pink stain on my lips. As its quiet moisturizing & glossy it transfers on to the mugs & glasses very easily.You keep having sips & it will keep on transferring on to your mugs until it doesn't leaves behind just a stain on your lips.
it settled into fine lines!
After applying it for the second time my lips felt over moisturized & guess what it chapped! Yes you get these over moisturized flaky chapped lips. I had this situation 3 times..  I had to remove everything & had to reapply. It settles into fine lines like crazy! It made my lips look very old! like my grandma's lips! You cant pair this lipstick with a gloss on top. As it will accentuate the fine lines more.

  • affordable
  • lovely light candy floss color
  • glossy finish
  • glides on easily
  • moisturizing
  • doesn't bleeds
  • doesn't looks cakey
  • settles into fine lines like crazy!
  • may over moisturize you lips
  • can't be paired with a gloss on top
  • transfers on to mugs & glasses very easily
  • will wash out very dark skin toned girls
  • not long wear
Verdict: Its a lovely shade but too many cons for my likes! I have one more shade from this range & like that one better. Yes I will try more shades from this range, but won't repurchase this shade in particular. I have Carmen Rose in mind!

Have you tried any lipsticks from UMRR?  Do share your thoughts!


  1. looks good on yu dear. . .but will definitely wash me out !!!

    1. oh is it? whats your mac shade? if u r more than 43 44 than it will wash you out!

    2. yeah i am definitely somewhere around 43-44 . . havent got it tested though !!!

    3. btw i am your new follower . . .did you check my blog ???

    4. yes! im too ur follower from long time! dontcha know?

  2. oh wow, that's such a gorgeous shade, i really want to try it :) awesome review! XO

    1. yup it is a lovely shade! U may try it but "con" in reading! glad u loved my post! :)

  3. wonderful shade. Btw I have an award for you. Pls check my blog.

  4. awesome colour collection and lovely shade

  5. such a lovely shade.! guess every lipstick suits ur lips:D
    I'm so J :P
    Does it suit the pigmented lips :(

    1. :P ! hehe.. even i think so!!!
      Ya it will be ok on pigmented lips too with 3-4 swipes.


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