Sunday, 26 August 2012

Easy Peasy Neutral Eye Tutorial!

Hey Gurl!
Today is a good sunny day thought it was raining in the morning! I haven't got a chance to do a tutorial since a very long time as every weekend i planned to do a tutorial & click picture it used to become cloudy! >_<
& I don't like clicking picture with flash! It looks very artificial.
Such a good day! Today Il show you how i do my almost everyday neutral eye look. Its the most requested tutorial by you such lovely gurl! :*

So lets start..

1. Prep & prime your eyes with concealer, primer. I use my Garnier Anti Dark Circle roll on & NYX Concealer in a jar in Medium all over the lid.
2. Take a pearly champagne or light beige color on a fluffly brush & apply all over the lid. I used the champagne color from the NYX Champagne & Caviar 10 color palette on TBS Eye shadow blending brush.
3. Take the same champagne color & dab in on the lids.
4. & this is how it will look.

 5. take a dark brown e/s on a small fluffy brush/crease brush & blend in the crease. I used a dark brown from Miss Claire single e/s
6. Take the same dark brown or a little darker brown on a small angular brush & dab it near the lash line half way.
7. do the same thing with a black e/s. I took the black from NYX Champagne & Caviar 10 color palette.
8. Dab some more shimmery e/s on the center of the lid & on the brow bone. I used the shimmery shadow from a random Korean palette on a small fluffy brush.

 9. Conceal your under eyes. I used NYX HD Photogenic concealer. Take a  pearly white pencil & highlight the inner corner of the eyes. I love using my NYX Slim Eye pencil in Pearly White. You can skip this step & use the same shimmery highlighting e/s in the inner tear duct. Also fill in your brows.
10. On an angular brush mix the black & brown e/s & apply it under the eyes. Make sure to end it just after the half way.
11. Take a white or creme color eye pencil & apply on the water line. This gives the wide eye look. You can also use your kohl. I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
12. Curl your lashes! This is my favorite step!

13. Wear a lengthening & separating mascara like the Maxfactor Masterpiece Max. 
14. Then to add more volume use a volumizing mascara like the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara. You can also use the Maybelline Collosal Mascara. As its a neutral look with no bold eyeliner we need to focus on the lashes more.

Finished look..

This look is very easy to do. You can always add your liquid liners for a little more glam. You can also add a pop of color by using a colored eye pencil instead of white eye pencil.

Hope this tutorial helped you!
Do let me know if you have any eye make up looks in your mind & you would like me to do a tutorial for it!

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