Monday, 6 August 2012

Oriflame Very Me Clickit Lip Stain- Review, Swatches, FOTD!

Hi all,
I never had a lip stain in my vanity before.. & i had never planned to get one! I thought why buy a stains when i can use my lipstick as a lip stain! But this cute little fellow caught my attention when i was browsing through the pages of Oriflames' June Catalogue. I thought i had to get this one! Without even reading any reviews online i placed my order! hehe.. ya i read reviews of products most of the time before buying a product!

Price: Rs 169/- 119/-
Qty: 3.5ml

What It says?
Give your lips a juicy hint of colour for perfect pout appeal. Combine with Clickit lip gloss for total shine

What I say?
It comes in 2 shades red & raspberry. I got mine in Red. I have been liking red these days for unknown reasons!
Its not very runny in consistency but quiet ok. It smells sweet & it tastes way too good to resist!!! as if sugar is mixed in it.
When you apply, it gives a wet feeling, but it doesn't bleeds. It dries after a minute or so..
I like the sponge tip applicator, its small & picks up the right amount of product that is enough to covers the full lips. Its sturdy & not flexible.
the 1st application stayed on my lips for 4-5 hours without meals. But when u drink water you get the sweet taste & the part of your lips that comes in contact with water gets patchy. You need to be careful not to lick your lips. After the second application it stayed on for 7 more hours.

When swatched it gives orange/coral look, but upon application it is true red. The red is very subtle not overpowering, so it great for a day time red lip.
Because its a stain it gives a dry look to the lips after it dries on my lips, but doesn't dries it too much. Lips look cracked, but i use it with a lip balm. It goes on well with a red sheer lipstick. I havent tried it with Clickit lip gloss but im sure it will look good too!

This is how it looks on me..
 I liked wearing it alone but it was great too when worn with Maybelline Watershine Lipstick in RB21

just 1 swipe all over the lips freshly applied

  • stays on for a very long time 6-7 hrs
  • doesn't bleeds
  • inexpensive
  • goes on great with a lipgloss or lipstick
  • perfect day time red lip color
  • not overpowering color
  • gets patchy after meals & drink
  • when licked the lips you get a strong sweet taste
  • it dries a bit after 2nd coat
Verdict: Its an average products. I don't recommend it but you may give it a try! You may end up liking it.
It surely does what it claims to give your lips a juicy look.

Rate: 4.4/5

Do you have a lip stain? Which one?

Let me know the in comments below.


  1. i was wondering whether to buy this...thanks for the review!!

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  3. very innovative.. looks tempting...Thanks for the review.. would try this with my colorbar lipsticks !!!

  4. liked your lip swatches!

  5. gal....I am getting addicted to ur blog <3

    1. glad i made u addicted to my blog!!!! hahahahahahaaa...

  6. I have super dry lips...... don't think this would suit me would it. Looks great on you though.

    1. ya probably veda.. but u can try it with a balm. it will be great then..

  7. great review.. I will buy this now..
    I have Burjois Lip Tint and these lip tints are best when used with balm.... For dry lips I don't think so it will be suitable..

    1. yeah.. thanks alot swati. glad that it helped you.

  8. Hi, where do you think i can buy it..for this price?

  9. Interesting product! But seriously, you need to try/review LipSense by SeneGence, it is the ruler of all long-lasting lip colors! It comes in the BEST shades and stays on until you want it to come off, WITHOUT drying, especially when paired with one of their shea-butter rich glosses. My Favorite lip products!

    1. thanks for the info. where is this product available?

    2. Independent distributors in U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, and other countries! Just go online to to find a distributor or maybe even email their marketing department to ask for samples to review?

  10. loving it Shouri.. i hv ordered tis in raspberry tis month :D

    ur LOTD is mast!!! :)


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  12. 20475 oriflame product from where can i get this one...


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