Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quick Review- Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack

Hi gurls...
Im here with one more Purederm face pack.  I have liked Purederm face packs before & decided to get 2 more of them.
Here il review Vitalizing Green Tea Pack.
Its the second face pack from Purederm that im using. Earlier i had used the Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack.

Purederm has wide range of facepacks & masks that comes in gel & masks. They also have masks for men.

What it says? How to use? Ingredients.
Price: Rs12/- for 10ml.

Its is a thick light green color gel like face pack. Smells pleasant. The whole quantity is enough for whole face & neck.
I kept this pack on my face for 15mins & it definitely brightens & smoothens my skin. My skin looked fresh & glowing. I had a small dry patch near my nose & that was gone too!
Before washing off i massaged it gently with the tips of my fingers. Washing off takes a bit time as its a gel. My pores looked smaller.
I cant vouch for how well it does for my skins elasticity. But its a good product.


  • inexpensive
  • brightens
  • smoothens the texture of skin
  • softens
  • moisturizes & hydrates
  • benefits of collage, olive oil, green tea extracts & vit E.
  • will suit all skin types
  • dint give me break outs
  • availability ( only seen in
  • Prices may vary.
  • brightness is for short term

Verdict: Its a good face pack. & definitely worth a try.
Il also be trying their other face packs.

Have you tried Purederm face packs before?
Hope this was helpful enough for you to make a decision!
Il also review the Purederm Hydro Soothing Aloe Pack soon.


  1. these r easily available in mumbai Rim..iv seen in many small shops..nice review

    1. thanks pree.. its available in mumbai but you may never know outside mumbai where it is available..

  2. I haven;t tried these yet. But this is the year of masks for me :P So, gotta try

  3. hey this is very informative :) .Will try and get it next month ! Your blog is so so girly and the layout is so cute . I really like it . Its like a total "pucchi" :) :) !

    1. Hey thanks alot gurl! I loved it your comment! :D what does pucchi mean? sound so damn cute!
      Hope you GFC me!

    2. hey Shourima :) . how are u ?? lol it means like anything cute . awww my pucchi is what i tell my lil cousin sis all the time :) . yes I am GFC ing you now :) :)


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