Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Your Style!Your Confidence!

Article By: Anya Sarre
Few women have the confidence to wear the styles they truly enjoy. In reality, however, simply wearing those styles can lend a sense of confidence in itself. Fashion has a unique power of granting strength where there is none—a simple wardrobe change can make you feel like you have celebrity prowess! So reach out and grasp what is already yours, and show it off with a flair for style!

Fashion does not define beauty

Be careful not to confuse that strength with your own beauty. Fashion does not define who you are, nor can it make you beautiful. It merely highlights the beauty that is already within you. Expressing yourself in your clothing is a step that generates more confidence.

Using fashion to enhance confidence

Dressing in the latest trends generates confidence. Rather than wearing the same old styles, try something new. One of the latest trends that I adore is the maxi dress—maxi dresses draw attention and are perfect either for a trip to the beach or for a lovely night out. You might complete the look with chic wedge sandals, which can be designed for a style all their own. Depending on the print of the dress, you can also add costume jewelry for a fun glamorous look. Dare to be bold this summer and try new styles! Pair colored denim with a floral print wedge, drop earrings, a patterned hair scarf and a dainty toe ring for a red carpet look in 20 minutes flat!

Accessorize with shoes

For many, shoes are an afterthought. For me, however, shoes are always on my mind! In the world of fashion, shoes are as much a part of the outfit as the clothing itself. As an accessory to your outfit, the right pair will go a long way in making you feel more put together. Use heels and chic accessories to your benefit—any event or occasion is an excuse to dress to impress! An outfit chosen for fashion proudly displays who you are, making it a great confidence booster.

A flowing, breezy shirt and skirt outfit defines the relaxed attitude of summer. Ankle strap sandals dress up the outfit without overdoing it. With so many choices and styles, you can have confidence in your own appearance all summer long!

Anya is a stylist with shoedazzle.com

Hope this articles was helpful to you!

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