Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bourjois Liner Clubbing Ultra Black- Review!

Hey Gurls!
Today Il review my most favorite & HG eyeliner! That is the Bourjois Liner Clubbing Ultra Black.

What It Says..


Easy to use and apply, this blacker than black liner helps create intensely beautiful and sexy 'doe eyes'. 
Formula enriched with black mineral pigments for maximum intensity.
Ultra resistant, with 8 hour hold. 100% sweat and tear proof – tested and approved by clubbers. 
Can be removed with a non-oily make-up remover.

Price: Rs 525/- for 4ml

What I say...
It comes in a black tube with a twist up cap.
I love liquid liners! I love how intense & crisp look it gives to the eyes. & this liner is my favorite!

The brush of the liner is very thin that gives you the perfect edge to make a winged liner. Its also great to get a thin liner look too. The wand is thin & long  so I keep the heel of my hand on the chin for support & then line my eyes. I don't find that difficult, but some who don't have a sturdy hand will find it tricky.

The texture is a bit on the runnier side when it is brand new, but after using it for a week it becomes ok. Its quick drying.  It gives the deepest & most opaque jet black line in a single coat. It has a slight glossy finish. It comes off easily when washed or removed with a non-oily  makeup wipe/ remover. It doesn't smudges or melts due to heat, sweat or oil produced on lids. Its stayd on me for around 10-12hrs. Its a very longwear liquid liner.

On me..

see how precise fine line it gives..

  • thin brush that gives the perfect winged liner
  • deep opaque black in a single coat
  • subtle glossy finish
  • longwear (12hrs)
  • easily removable
  • doesn't smudges or melts
  • quick drying
  • true to what it claims
  • ophthalmologically tested
  • some may find it difficult to work with a long wand/brush
  • Rs 525/- for 4ml is a little pricey
Verdict: Its the best jet black eyeliner I have come across so far! & i love it for my winged eyeliners. The quality is superb. But it is a little on the pricey side. You wont like it if you are new to make up or you have a unsteady hand.
I would repurchase this if i don't find anything similar with a thin brush tip for my winged eyeliner.

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See tutorial with this liner to get a Perfect Winged Liner

Rate: 4.8/5!
Hope you liked this review! Tell me which one is your favorite eyeliner?


  1. thanx a lot 4 sharing dis post.. from long time i was looking for a gud liner, but was confused... i wil buy it 4 sure.. =)

    1. thanks alot raminder! get this if you have a steady hand.

  2. I had ordered this one online last month...but it was out of stock. So I had to order Deborah one :( which was bad! really really bad!!!

    1. hehe i know! i read ur review! this one is awesome!

  3. 10-12 hrs!! definitely checking this out

  4. wow..bourjouis products r awesum...i used them a lot..
    loved their eye shades i do have so many..i loved ur winged liner..

  5. I love liquid liners too. I like the glossy finish of this one!

  6. the liner and ur eyes, both looking very pretty.... and it is jet black really!

    1. heyyy thanks alot gurl!!! ya it is the blackest black ever!

  7. Perfect timng Shoru! i am bored with my lakme absolute eyeliner & was eying this.Even i love the precision a liquid liner offers..just wanted to know if you have applied the liner on your eyes in a single swipe?

    1. no i have lined it twice to get the thick line. but not lined over one line. its a great jet black liner.


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