Friday, 28 September 2012

End September Mini Haul!!!

Hey Gurls!
I am back with one more haul for this month! I know its month end but I really wanted to get some stuffs as I was running out on something, & other thing I wanted because I really wanted it! (If this makes any sense!)

I got 2 things from Urbantouch & 2 from Medplus
So these are the things that I got from UT
Eye shadow brush from Faces Cosmetics.

Jordana Quick Dry top coat

Some from
Yes I really wanted a moisturizer as I was running out of my Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer. & I wanted something which is oil free for night time so Loreal Hydrafresh Aqua Essence was the best choice.

Face pack.. this was just a random pick! Im a huge face pack junkie. & I thought Khadi Tulsi & Neem will be great for my acne prone skin. Already have used it once & liked it. will review it soon!

Let me know which one should I review first!
Hope you liked my mini haul!

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