Thursday, 27 September 2012

How I keep Myself Matte all Day!

Hi gurls!
Its been quiet a while that I was on a hunt of products that will keep me matte all day! I have tried a gazillion stuffs & ton of combination of different products, & now I have found a good range of products thats keeps my oily t zone matte! yaaaayyyyy!!!

My skin has oily Tzone that includes the front part of the fore head, nose, chin, upper lips & whole cheeks. Other parts of my face is normal during summers & a little dry during winters. The skin nera my mouth & nose is dry too! I know weird combination! & ya mt cheeks are mildly prone to acne too!
Facewash/ Cleanser: I have tried a million face washes that I had thought will work for me, but dint . Now I have found a pocket friendly duo of cleanser & facewash thats just amazing. I use the Cetaphil OS cleanser for oily skin that gets rid of everything on my face. dirt oil etc etc. Its not drying & keep me oil free. I also use the Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash after the Cetaphil cleanser. This gets rid of more excess oil & it deep cleans my pores. I makes my skin very refreshed & doesn't dries at all. Using this face wash alone keeps me matte for about 3 hours on very hot days & for around 5 hours when im in airconditioned rooms.
The combination of these 2 products keeps me oil free for quiet a good period of time.

Moisturizer: Currently Im using Garnier Light Oil Free Daily Fairness Moisturiser. It is 100% oil free & keeps me matte for about 6-8 hours! yaaaay! I had no hopes for this product, but still wanted to give it a try, & fortunately it works. It gives a fresh look & keeps shine at bay.

Pressed Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is the only pressed powder that I have come across which keeps me matte for very long time. I still haven't tried the Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder yet! This doesn't looks powdery or ghostly white. It blends well into my skin & doesn't looks cakey if dusted over the foundation. I get oily T zone after 5-6 hours sitting in airconditioned office. It not very greasy but if I put my fingers against my nose, chin & cheeks it is a little oily. This powder absorbs all oil & greasiness very well & makes me look as if I have freshly put my make up & keeps my matte for 6 hours!

All these products are working great for me & keeping me oil free, fresh & matte all day! Using all these products together isn't drying me out excessively. Using so many oil free & mattifying products in the day time, I make sure to use a good hydrating moisturizer at night. It doesn't clogs my pores & doesn't causes acne.

I have found my trust worthy range of products that really works great for me! have you found yours? What is your favorite product that keeps you matte? Do let me know I would like to try it!

Hope you liked this post! 


  1. whoa... seems to be a great ritual.. the garnier cream is great... i tried it too:)

  2. nice Shourima :) It feels so great to find your perfect combination :)Rimmel powder sounds so interesting :)

    1. i know ray! after using so many product u find the things that actually work for u is like getting an award!

  3. wow ! this garnier cream seems like promising one ...i will try it...lucky gal that you got your kinda products :)

  4. Even I have ordered the Rimmel matte pressed powder along with the Rimmel stay matte foundation; have you used the foundation- how good/bad is it?

    Also, I recently bought pore cleansing facial pads for my super super oily skin! They are superb n I have reviewed them on my blog- do check it out!!!

    1. oh cool! no i havent tried d foundation yet! oh sure il chck ur post!

  5. for some reasons didn liked this cream :(

  6. the garnier cream made me sweat badly rim.:(..i wanna try that rimmel powder or maybelline dream matte soon

  7. these products look great! Thanks for sharing :)


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