Monday, 24 September 2012

How To: Twisted Donut Bun!

Hey Gurls!
Im here with a hair tutorial today! This bun hairstyle is worn by me almost every single day, or me be with some variation. Im a kind of girl who doesn't likes hair on her face or keeps hair down without any reason. I like my hair to be up in a bun or in a braid.
So let me share with you how I do my everyday hair-do..
Things you need..

now lets start..
1. comb all your hair, & position it on the top of the head where you are comfortable.
2. take the hair tie & make a pony tail.

3. put the hair donut thru the ponytail
4.take all the hair & start twisting around the bun

5. keep twisting, & maake sure all hair comes in the twist
6. around the front & make sure the donut doesn't shows thru

7.twist.. twist.. twist.. with the left hand hold the twisted hair & keep twisting rest hair.
8. keep twisting..

9. secure the twists with bobby pins where ever required
10. secure the end of the hair with pins

11 & 12 this is how it will look ..

from side..

You can always prep up the look with a flower or bow accessory.

This hair do is so apt for college, work or anything casual! In summers this was my everyday hair do. I love it how chic it looks & it keeps all the hair neat. You can also use some hairspray to tame the flyaway. Tease the crown area for more volume. This look will work great who has sparse or thin hair & need a voluminous bun.

Hope you liked this tutorial!

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