Saturday, 1 September 2012

MAC Kinda Sexy!- Review,Swatches, FOTD!

Hey Gurl!
Today il review my favorite nude lipstick! & that is from MAC! aaah.. i cant stop raving about this lipstick! Its soooo SEXY!

Price: Rs 990/-

What I say...
Kinda Sexy is the lightest shade that I own. Its a very nude pinky rose. It actually makes me feel Sexy when i wear this shade... I almost feel Kim K!!! lol
Its very smooth on application & glides on easily, very pigmented. It has a very pleasant vanilla fragrance. It doesn't settles into fine lines of the lips. Its a very long wear lipstick. It stayed on me for around 7-8 hours without meals in between. It does dries out the lips a tad bit after a long wear but doesn't makes it uncomfortable. I just swipe a balm on the centre of the lips f required & it good! Somehow even if it is matte it makes my pout look full.

Its a tad bit lighter than MLBB. Its matte formula so i dab a bit of balm on the center of the lips before i apply this lipstick. Its a light shade so it looks a bit cakey & the coats doesn't blends when applied 2 swipes, so I use my ring finger to dab & blend in the color after application. It transfers a bit on the cups or mugs.
It looks great with a clear gloss & any nude/natural gloss too! Be careful not have chapped lips when applying this shade as it will bring out the lines & the dryness of the lips. This shade is great for fair to medium complexion.

  • sexy nude pink shade
  • smooth on application
  • vanilla fragrance
  • doesn't settles into fine lines 
  • long wear
  • goes with nude/ clear glosses
  • need to dab with the finger to blend in the color
  • may dry the lips
  • will wash out dark complexion girls
Verdict: I freaking love this lipstick! I will definitely repurchase this shade when it gets over. Its my best go-to nude lipstick. 
It may be a little difficult to pull of with some girls even if it suit you because it is matte & it is very light. So make sure you wear it & check it in the daylight before you buy!

Rate: 4.8/5!

Hope you liked this review.
Do share your thoughts! & let me know your favorite nude lipstick!


  1. I love the colour but I have no idea how it will look on me. I generally never try such shades, but this one is sooo pretty!! :)

    1. yes it is very pretty! you shud always try it on your lips before picking up such nude colors. never swatch it on hand n buy!

    2. Oh yeah I totally agree. I check each colour on the lips like soooo many times then only I buy :)

    3. yes true i do it when buying nude n natural! :D cheers to us!

  2. really sexy <3

    My recent post:

  3. Looks great on you...Ill look like a ghost if I wear this:(

    1. haha!!! i may try twig! thats a sexy shade too!

  4. thats a pretty sure it wud wash me out

  5. such shade tends to give yr face a washd out effect....

    1. it will wash out if u pick a shade which is a little lighter that what will suit you! so always try & then pick.

  6. I'm so scared of using such pale shades on my skin.....although nice, ya, much like what Kim K nice review!

    1. there is always a different shade of nude for each skin tone, this is the lightest that i can go! anything lighter than this will def wash me out.


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