Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Essential Eye Makeup Brushes!

Hey gurls!
Today il posting something that i had been meaning to do since a very long time! This post is a requested one too!
Il share with you what are the essential eye make up brushes according to me!
Good make up brushes are just as important as good quality products your are using. Good make up brushes doesn't means that they have to be expensive. Some are expensive ones & some are inexpensive too & they work as good as the high end ones. 
Since the time I have been using makeup I have come across very good eye makeup brushes that il share with you. As beginners the first name that comes into our mind is Vega. & there are some more brands too!
So let me tell you what are my most essential brushes!

Eye Shadow Brush: This one is the most basic e/s brush. It is used to pack on e/s all over the lid. These brushes have to dense so that it picks up good amount of color. Similar to MAC 239/ Sigma E55

Vega Eye Shadow Brush

Short Domed Brushes: These brushes  can be used in alot of different ways. It can be used in  the crease, smudge out the e/s or pack on color all over the lid.

Top: Unique Style             Bottom: Krylon Art 3511

Crease Brush: As the name suggest it is used in the crease to give a dimension to the eye. You need to find a perfect crease brush according to your eye shape & that fits into your eye socket well.

Inglot Crease Brush 80HP

Small Precision Brush/Pencil Brush: I love these brushes. They are used for highlighting in the inner corners on the eyes, to pack on more color in the crease to intensify the depth, & also to smudge eyeliner or eyeshadow around the eye for a smokey look. Similar to MAC 219/ Sigma E30.

I dont remember the brand!

Smudge Brush: It usually comes with a sponge tip. It is used to smudge the eyeliner on the lid or below the eye for a smokey look.

Vega Eye Smudger

Fluffy Brushes: These fluffy brushes are a must have. They can be use to give a light wash of any color all over the lid, or can be used to blend the color outwards. Similar to MAC213/ Inglot 28PO

The Body Shop

Blending Brush: These are usually little longer & has a tapered tip. Blending brushes are very important while doing any eyemake up. It is used for blending 2 or more eyeshadows for a more polished look. You need smooth transition of 1 color to the other. I also use it to set the concealer under my eye as the size fits me eye very well. It is similar to MAC 224/ Sigma E40 brush/ Inglot 4SS

Vega Eye Brush

 Small Angular Brush: Angular brushes are used to fill in your brows. It can also be used to create a winged eyeliner with gel liners. I also use it to line my upper & lower lashline with eyeshadow to create a soft eyeliner look. Similar to MAC 208/ Sigma E65/ Inglot 17TL

Haiting 828 Anhular Brush

Gel Liner Brush: These usually come with the gel liner itself.


Eye brow/ Lash Brush: This may not seem be so important for you! But it is! The brush side is used to keep your brows in places, you can spray some hairspray on it & run it over youe brows & it will stay in place. You can this trick on a spooly brush or old mascara wand too! The bristle side is used to comb out the lashes after the mascara dries.

Some More Brushes that I recommend:
Eyeliner brush: Left Inglot 23T, MAC 211, Inglot 30T angular
Eyeliner brushes: Always a keeper. you may like the eyeliner but you may not like the liner that it comes with. The bent liner brush is great for beginners or unsteady hand. You can rest the heel of you hand on your chin & the bent brush will help you to get a good steady line.

Inglot7FS, MAC 275, Sigma E70
Fluffy Angular Brushes: Great to add crease color, highlight the inner duct & brow bone.

So hope you liked this post! These are the essential & most important eye makeup brushes according to me.

Let me know what is your favorite eye makeup brush! & which brand do you prefer?

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