Monday, 1 October 2012

September Empties & What to Repurchase?

So here Im with some empties of this month !

1. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment: (full review soon) This serum actually worked for me. Hair has reduced noticeably. & i will be repurchasing this one soon.

2. Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner: Yes another product from Dove, Im a Dove lover! All Dove products work wonders for me & it included this one too! This conditioner makes my hair soft, & it makes them feel nourished without weighing them down. It smells great tooYes I will be getting it after I try the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner.

3. Avon Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner with Almond oil & Avocado: One more conditioner! Gurl! how many conditioners did I use up this month? This one is a average/good conditioner. softens me hair, smells good too. But my hair felt a little dry after it was air dried. I need more deep conditioning conditioner. So il not be getting this one again. It may work well on those who has thin/fine hair.

4. Kara Makeup Removal Wipes: This will be my all time favorite make up remover wipe. But currently Im loving my Nivea Visage Facial Cleansing Wipes. (see Haul). I will repurchase it again if I dont get me hand o the nivea wipes.

5. ADS Polish Cleanser: I got this in a jiffy. Just for Rs 25/-. Not a bad nail paint remover though, but takes a little time for the paint to come off. Nah! no repurchasing this one.

6. Nivea Smooth Milk Body Moisturizer: This one is for Dry skin. & its an amazing product. It deeply nourishes the skin & keep it soft & moisturized for a very long time. Its a must have for winters. Definitely getting this one during the winters.

Did you see my August Empties?

So thats it gurls.. these are the things that i have finished using up. I love it when a product gets over! So i get a chance to buy new stuffs!
Question: Do you like it when a product is totally used up by you?


  1. Replies
    1. oh great! its difficult to find people whose hair loves Dove!

  2. waiting for the dove hairfall rescue treatment review..pls review it soon na!

  3. Two of my empties would be the same a yours! Dove conditioner I have never really tried, I wonder why...

    1. oh which ones? omg.. u should totally try them!

  4. "Do you like it when a product is totally used up by you?"........ totally and completely love it when something gets over u a perfectly valid excuse to buy again.... and thats such a nice feeeling......

  5. my hair doesnt agree with dove :(

    1. not surprinzing.. alot of gurl dont like dove!


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