Sunday, 14 October 2012

Festive Haul!

Hey Gurls!
So after alot of questions from my lovely blogger friends about my Festive/ Durga Puja Haul im here with it finally!!!

so let me start with some casual kurtis..
this one is from Westside.
 & this is from Lifestyle. Its a little big, need to tuck in some stitches..
 I liked the cute lace & button details on it.
  tshirt will always find its way in!
Then here the real deal starts!
These sarees are actually gift from my aunt! love these..
This is called Bailou Saree. You will find the sequins woven in the saree! Georg!
Bailou Saree

Bailou Saree
 One more pink! this is a cotton Handloom saree.
cotton Handloom saree

cotton Handloom saree

Seem Hot Pink was in my fate this season!
This one is a pure silk! the classiest of all!

 This too is a pure silk jute. Not Pink this time! hehe..

this is an ombre sea green chiffon saree.

One suit.. actually I have one more in a yellow color that is still there with the damn tailor. Because even after taking proper measurements her screwed up the fitting.
& some accessories & jewellery..
a dull gold clutch that will go with all my outfits.
 some jewellery..
 A Kundan earring set in silver.. I can't wait to wear this! Drooool right?

 & a pair of bangle, in a neutral color.
& finally a pair of Kolhapuri Wedges! Its in a dull golf & bronze color so it will mmatch with all my outfits1 yaay.. Love this one!
& thats it! Not exactly i have a make up haul too! How can i skip makeup! Can I ! haha..

Hope you liked this Haul of mine!
Have a great Navratri & Durga Puja everyone!

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