Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Garnier Light Oil Free Daily Fairness Moisturiser- Review

Hey Gurls!
Il be reviewing today my current day moisturiser. As you know Im an oily mess & I was searching an oil free moisturiser. Garnier Light Oil Free Daily Fairness Moisturiser caught my eye. Though im not a fan of Garnier products, I still wanted to give this a try so got the smallest pack. Garnier products never work on me.. may be its me or its the products! I dont know!

What It says..

Price: Rs 125/- for 40ml

What I say..
Garnier Oil Free Moisturiser is a very thick white moisturizer. Its soft & creamy to touch.
Its has a faint lemony fragrance. I just need a small blob of the cream for the whole face & neck.

It doesn't blends easily as its a thick oil free cream. You have to make alot of effort to spread it evenly. Its doesn't leaves a white cast on my face but it looks very healthy & fresh. It keep my skin moisturised for a very long time. It doesn't gives me dry patches & makes me matte instantly. It doesn't makes me sweat as some matte moisturizers do! It is oil free & doesn't leaves your fingers oily at all after applying. This keeps me oil free for a very long time. I don't know till what extent  the Pure Lemon Essence is helping the dark spots or blemish marks to clarify.

My skin doesn't absorbs this moisturizer very easily. The moisturizer sits on my skin for quiet a long time. & I also noticed that if I press a bit on the skin the moisturiser actually moves away.  It is few of the most horrible moisturiser to be worn under foundation. It doesnt blends with anything else. Even after letting it get absorbed for atleast 10mins, it moves & shifts when you apply your foundation over it & it makes me look horribly patchy. You can only use a pressed powder over it & some concealer.

It tends to stick to the hair on the forehead & you can see the white cream! eeew! It will also stick on the facial hair if you have alot of it especially on the jawline & side locks area. Its becomes difficult to remove or blend it.

  • moisturises for a very long time
  • doesn't makes me sweat
  • instant matte skin
  • give a smooth feel to my skin
  • inexpensive
  • gives a healthy glow & fresh look
  • has sunscreen
  • dint break me out
  • tested in Indian weather
  • takes time to absorb
  • doesnt helps to clarify dark spots or blemishes
  • sits on the skin (i mean literally)
  • cant be worn under foundation
  • it moves & shifts if something is worn over it
  • doesn't blends with anything else
  • sticks to facial or forehead hair 

Verdict: This is a moisturiser meant only for Oily Skin. If you don't use foundation daily you will love this as it will definitely keep you matte & oil free for a very long time. I like this moisturiser when i'm not wearing any foundation. 
I will repurchase the small pack, just incase if some day I need it.

Rate: 3.5/5

Have you tried Garnier Light Oil Free Daily Fairness Moisturiser ?
Hope this review helped you!


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