Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Khadi Tulsi Neem Herbal Face Pack powder- Review

Hey gurls!
Im here with a review of my current favorite face pack! Its Khadi Tulsi Neem Herbal Face pack powder.

What it says..
An ayurvedic face pack which absorbs the excess oil secretions of the skin. It help to dry the pus acne and provide healing effect to control the pimples. It is useful in scars and blemishes. An ideal preparation for skin tightening and make skin healthy.

Method of use: For natural result, mix powder with rose water or water to make paste. Apply it on face keep it 30 min. than wash it with cool water.

Ingredients: Azadiratatcha Indica, Ocimum Sanctum, Citarus reticulate blanco, Rubia Cordifolia, Terminalia Arjuna, Symploces Recemosa, Rosa Alba, Kaolinum, Preservative, Base.

Price: Rs 90/- 76.5/-

You can get it here- medplusbeauty.com 

What I say...
It comes in a cute tin packaging, & inside there is a plastic pouch in which you get the powder product.
I take about a teaspoon & half to cover my full face & a little on the neck. It smells of dried tulsi & neem leaves. It is not super finely milled.
I mix it with rose water & as directed I leave it on for 30mins. While washing it off with normal water the granules helps to exfoliate my skin very gently. I make it a point not to scrub, but to remove it in circular motions.
After washing I have a new face!!! I mean my skin looked so radiant, all acne yuckynees was gone, it removes excess oil from face & my skin looked healthy! It deep cleanses the pores. No other face packs has made my skin feel so smooth. This is the only face pack that doesn't dries my face at all, believe me not even a %! I have a little sensitive skin near my nostrils & my mouth, this doesn't irritates them too! I have used it 3-4 times till now & have found it helps to clear the blemishes too!

  • exfoliates gently
  • helps to removes acne
  • deep cleanses
  • reduces blemishes in due time
  • removes excess oil 
  • makes the skin remarkably smooth
  • makes the skin looks healthy & radiant
  • not drying
  • will suit all skin types
  • easy to use
  • inexpensive
  • availability
Now i also want to try the KHADI CLEAN SKIN ACNE & PIMPLE POWDER

Verdict: This is an amazing face pack. Its does everything what it claims!  It will suit everyone even if you have oily skin or sensitive skin! I have never come across a a face pack that makes my skin so smooth! Availability is an issue, it available only online & the stores across Mumbai are very few & located quiet far from where I stay!
I highly recommend this to everyone. Do give it a try!

Hope this post was helpful!
Have you tried any Khadi products yet?

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