Monday, 29 October 2012

♥ Nail Paint Stash!!! ♥

Hey Gurls!!!
I have been thinking to do this post since a years!!! Actually not years I meant months... & I always thought Il do it next month thinking that Il keep getting some more. So finally Im on a "Buy No Makeup" strict phase so I though chalo... lets do it!!!
So Here im with my stash..

I keep my nail paint in a big straw box. But now that its over flowing I need to find something else for my storage.

En -Vy nail paints in the shades Rosa Senorita, Simply Smashing & Mystic Blue (See Haul)

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail polish in Pastel Lavender & Soft Pink (See Soft Pink NOTD). 24K Gold (See NOTD) & Multi Glitter. (See Haul)

Oriflame Floral Nail paints in Cherry Red & Soft Pink.
Rimmel Lasting Finish in Disco Ball & Hot Shot (See NOTD Tutorial)

L'oreal Color Riche Nail Paints in Rebel Blue & Luxembourg Garden.
Elle 18 nail pops in shade 50 & 51 (See Haul)

Jordana Nail Polish in Purple , Calcium base coat & Quick dry top coat.

Faces Cosmetics nail paints in the shades Salmon Fishing, Frosty Ice Blue, Cotton Candy & White O White  ( See Haul)

some flormar nail paints that I got in a recent Beauty Swap

Revlon Nail Enamel in Fuchsia & Scented Nail Paint in Gum Drop (See Haul) 

Incolor Glitter nail paint in the shade # 48 & 50

miss Claire nail paints..

Colorbar Pro nail paint in Rusk Beauty (See Haul)
Others are in Grape Sangria, Apple Martini (See NOTD), Exclusive 44, Extrovert, Coffee, Old Flame, Lime Margarita & Pina Colada

some randoms.. the star nail paint is empty.. I couldn't throw it away because its damn cute!

some more.. & some Bourjois, Maybelline & 1 old Lakme & Street Wear

some VOV's.. I hardly use them except for  the glitter one. Il probably throw these.. :P

some more cute random nail paints.. I use these for Nail arts.. (See NOTD)

So that's it gurls! This is my humble collection of nail paint stash! I know its not that huge.. but im trying to grow it a bit more..!
Hope you liked it!


  1. oh mu gosh..!!
    so many.. :O
    Even I loove nail paints :d

  2. I <3 flormar nail paints-discovered them recently at the NewU store. and that lil star thingy-its soooooooooooo cute!!!

    1. ya it is!!!! ahah... its empty! i kept it coz it is sho cute!

  3. Superb Collection Shourima, loved the NYX glitter ones the most!! :)

    1. hey thanks alot gurl! ya the glitter ones r hot!

  4. Collection is awesome shou...I also have lots of collection of nail paints.. I will do mine soon as well...
    I love the Claire's one

  5. humble!!!! I dont even half :))..loved the NYX ones

  6. pretty shades...such a lovely collection

  7. gosh such a pretty collectn and i thought only i have lots of nail paints

  8. Replies
    1. thanks jyo! ya they are really nice, have you tried them?

  9. wow ya wat a collection.. me too was wanting to do this but too lazy to click pictures lol..

    1. thanks sheetal!
      it takes alot of time to click, thn edit, then get their names right!!!

  10. OMG! Jaw dropping collection!!! n we got loads of same colorbar NPz :D

  11. OMG really My Jaw dropped Rimi...

  12. Such a pretty collection! :). I love nail paints too! :)
    The cute star bottle and the NYX glitter look so awesome :D

  13. On huge collection eh...... very nice. how are the loreal shades?


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