Saturday, 20 October 2012

Swap with Kofykat!

Hey Gurls,
Today's post is very different! Im posting the 1st swap that I did with my fellow blogger friend Veda from
After months of discussion, a hundred mails & a million tweets we decided on the products that we wanted to give one another. We had been planning this swap since August! & Finally it happened!

 We really dint have to break our heads, because we discovered our likes are quiet same!
 these are the lovely things that she sent me!

She knows im a sucker for glitter & bright nailpaints.. I got 1 coral glitter nailpaint from Incolor, & 2 from Flormar. I have never tried Flormar nailpaints! Now I get to try them!

also 1 Shiseido sun screen, 1 Boots Natural Collection lip tint in the shade Romance!

1 In2It eyeshadow palatte, Lovely Angel Skin Foundation from the Faceshop. I have already used & loving it! & a cute Seen Sugar Cookie Blush in the shade3.

 a closer look!

& I got a cute little sling bag too!

Hope you liked this post! It was fun doing the Swap!
Have you swapped make up stuffs before? Let me know!

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