Friday, 16 November 2012

Get Them To Work: Your Dried Mascara & Gel Liner

Hey Gurls!
I hate it when my favorite mascara gets over before it has to get expired! *&^%$#

& also when alot of these easy to use gel liner dries up & you don't know how to get back their original consistency.

I thought of doing an experiment. & thank fully it worked.
See how dry the swatches are..
Left: gel liner      Right: Mascara
All you have to do is..
Take a bowl. Add piping hot water in it.

Keep your gel liner & mascara in it. Let it sit in the water for 10-15 mins.

Remove it , the gel liner has become a bit creamy & the mascara has come back to its original state. You can re heat the water & keep the gel liner for some more time if you think you are not satisfied with the result.
& Voila!!!
See the difference?
Left: dried swatches         Right: warmed up swatches
This is a great method to use up your mascara till the tiny bit is left. So you don't have to throw it away before its expired. & as you know all gel liners doesn't comes with the diluter as Inglot does so this way it will help to get them back to work.
Although the gel liner will dry in 2-3 days, it just a temporary solution but I think its a great way to use them when you have no other option!

Hope you liked my idea!
Do drop in your thoughts! & if you have some suggestion to makes these bad boys work do let me know!

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