Friday, 9 November 2012

My Blues!

Hey Gurls!
I realized that in my make up stash I have plenty of Blues that any other color..
So thought of sharing what I have!

these are all the Blue the nailpaints..
Also see the whole Nail Paint Collection

& here are some liquid liners & eye pencils!
Eye liners & pencils

& finally the eye shadows..
Blue Eyeshadows

Random Bobby e/s palatte
So that's it gurlies!!! These are the blues in my make up collection!

Hope you liked this post!
Do you know which color is most prominent in your make up stash yet??
Let me know!!


  1. u can open ur own store Rim..u hav so much feelin giddy

    1. hehe!! yes i have a little more than recommended!

  2. L'Oreal Infallible looks gorgeous!!! so much of BLUE... am drooling ^.^

  3. oh my gosh u have an enviable collection..i love love LOVE blue!! i wanna steal all ur eyeshadows!!

  4. Rimi give those hehehe because am crazy blue lover....
    Lovely collection dear......

  5. Wow! That's a lot of blue! Great collection!

  6. Those r some lovely blues !!!! luv em all

  7. awesome collection rimi..
    I am coming soon so will steal
    be ready..ha ha ha

  8. These are just dazzling blues!!! How is the nYX long pencil? can you please review asap?

    1. hey thanks nivs..
      its not nyx's pencil.. its some beauty!


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