Monday, 12 November 2012

November Haul!

Hey Gurls!
I'm back with one more haul! Yes its only essentials.. I mean whatever I want is essential to me.. so i get what ever I need & not whatever I want! If this makes any sense!
Kara makeup removal wipes as usual. Its a staple in all my monthy hauls. As you must have seen my October Empties I finished up using Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer so now I got Neutrogen Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15. 
A Jordana Lipshine lipgloss in Pinkgrapefruit. The weather is getting a little dry so I wanted a light pink lipgloss to wear over any nudes or pinks. & I wanted it in a budget & not splurge.

Purederm Hydra Soothing Aloe Pack & Vitalizing Green Tea Packs too have become a staple. Love these!!

& finally! a pair of falsies.. I really want to get my hands stable on wearing these falsies..  So I got these.. Its called Mexfactor! hahahaaaa.. lol!

So that's it gurls! This was my haul for this month.
Also see my October Haul if you missed it!

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