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The Body Shop - Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes Palette 24- Review, Swatches, Photos

Article By Tejinder

Hi everyone
What’s up?? Hope you had a great weekend. Today I came up with detail review of TBS Lily Cole shimmer cubes palette 24. I picked up this cube last week only as part of the Body shop sale. This is very fantastic and cute palette which contains four shimmer cubes .The shades of these cubes are Think Pink, Live Lilac, Go Violet and Tint it Pink which are not very pigmented and need two or three swipes to build up a good colour. All colours blend very easily and stayed longer if use a primer. Tint It Pink and Live Lilac work very well together as base colours. I like Think Pink and Go Violet for the outer V or for the crease. All 4 shades have a metallic finish and have some tiny shimmer particles in it.

 According to the Picture the order of the colour ;

1. Live Lilac
2. Tint Pink
3. Think Pink
4. Go Violet

Description of Colours; Live Lilac is the pale lavender. Tint Pink is the pale pink cube. Think Pink is the reddish brown colour and Go Violet is the very dark plum brown cube .To intensify these colours always use a damp eye shadow brush on these shimmer cubes. The cubes are very small and cute and have a little lid too. The qualities of these shadows are pretty good, with the two lighter shades you do have to build it up a little to make them visible especially Live Lilac and Tint Pink. My favourite combo is Tint in Pink in the inner corner or in the base and highlight with the Think Pink in the outer V of my eye and in the same manner I used live lilac and Go Violet. I experienced a bit of messy fall out but it’s easy to clean up. 

Packaging: The Packaging is one of the impressive part of these cubes and has the Lily Cole signature on it. Inside one big transparent box, there is 4 little container of eye shadow and each has a separate lids. You can takeout each individual cube and just travel with that or put it in your handbag. Each cube has a little lid too. I think the individual containers and lids are there to prevent them to make a mess when you open the box. The cubes are very soft to touch and cannot imagine myself ever finishing a whole cube of shadow.

Staying Power: staying Power is pretty good. There isn’t a huge amount of fade towards the end of the day but it’s definitely worth wearing a primer underneath to help them stay on a little longer. These are perfect colours for summer.

Texture: These shimmer cubes are perfect if you like a soft, purple/pink eye look. The texture is nice and smooth, which makes them easy to apply and blend and can be worn wet or dry

Price: £16

  •  Colours are very pretty.
  • Colours are great for wearing to work.
  • Stays quite well but if use primer underneath.
  • Little cubes are going to last such a long time.
  • Travel friendly
  •   Individual cubes come out of the main plastic square and all have their own caps so they aren’t at all messy.
  •   Comes in a sealed transparent square compact which makes it easier to see the shades
  •  The case is sturdy and is of the right size to fit your makeup kit.
  •   Every colour blends easily with the other shades in the quad and is also pretty to be used alone.
  •  Gives Metallic finish
  • Great to be used either wet or dry

  • Colour really isn’t that strong on initial application. Several applications form a stronger colour.
  •  Pigmentation is not good.
  • Bit expensive
  • More suitable for fair skin

Used Tint it Pink(as a base) & Think Pink outer v or crease

Used Live Lilac n Go Violet
Hope you like my review. Waiting for your lovely comments!!!!


  1. woww..such a pretty cubes..lovely EOTD tej..Happy diwali to rimi and tej..<3

    1. Thanks preethi..they r v cute indeed...
      Same to u dear....njoy ♡♥

  2. I HATE eyeshadows that lack pigmentation..really really hate them..I usually steer clear of TBS's makeup products because they just arent good! Lovely shades and a great Review!

    1. Hey lee..me tried TBS products first time...really i dnt like them eitherl....even I dnt like the eye shades which r less pigmented u need to swipe a lot to build a colour...coz of packing or cute cubes or two dark colours among 4 or 50% off on all products me bought this one..lol...I m glad u liked the review..Thnx dear :):)

  3. nice review Tej! wish these were more pigmented! and for that price its definitely not worth i guess... glad u got them on discount! :) love ur EOTD!

    Happy Diwali :)

    1. Thanks dear...yeah u r rite its nt worthful to purchase in such amt when its nt pigmented but thank god i got it in discount so its ok for me...but if u applied primer underneath then colour will build up as me did the same..:):)

      happy diwali again :)hope u enjoyed :)

  4. Very nice review Teju. The color does show up much pigmented on your lids than the swatches. Is it because of the primer or the lighting difference? I am guessing the lighter shade is Tint Pink and the darker one is Think Pink, couldn't figure out the order. Never tried any makeup from TBS but u sure had a great deal :)

    1. yes u r rite gaggu i used primer thats why it showed up on my lids.otherwise on my arm i swatched atleast 6 7 times then it showed...:(
      Yes Tint pink is lighter so used it as a base n Think pink is darker one n used in outer corner..
      i just got it in discount so it was worthful for me :):)
      Thanks dear :P:P

  5. I used to have these eyeshadows.
    You look very pretty!

  6. lovely detailed review..just the way i like it..btw lovely shades!!

  7. Very nice review and Eye makeup teju.:)
    I loved its pigmentation and of course your eyeliner style.<3 <3

  8. Great Giveaway.. I am hosting My 1st giveaway. I would be glad if you could enter. :)

  9. Nice review..The cubes r so cute..n u have lined ur eyes so nicely..luved it :)

  10. It looks lovely on you..But I tried it..they are not that pigmented also :(


    1. Same here megha they r nt pigmented..I swipes number of times to build the color..thanks dear :):)

  11. wonderful post. too bad they are not as pigmented as you wanted them to be. I had similar luck with a palette i got recently. you have pretty eyes, Tejinder.


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