Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Mini Haul!

Hey Gurls!
I went a little shopping yesterday so just wanted to share with you all what I got!

I got this heart knit top. OMG! this is so cute! You wear a hot pink racer back inside this & it will be so chic!

 & this great with foil print striper tshirt. This too is so cute! Will look great with black denims.

Right now there is a leopard print phase going on in my life. I need everything in leopard, so when I spotted this I had to have it! Ain't this sexy!

& yes some lippie love too! Got a purplish pink lip liner from the brand Meilin in the shade called Lilac. I couldn't resist getting this shade #42 from Miss Claire lipstick. It a great deep plum purplish shade. & finally got 1 Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm in the flavor Berry Antioxidant.

 this is a little swatch of how the shades look like..

Hope you liked this Mini Haul! Do leave in your thoughts below!


  1. I too am obsessed with leopard prints:D Lovely haul!

  2. Mini? I loved this haul!! Where did ou get the pumps from? Now I HAVE TO look for these lipsticks. They might be available in New Market here.
    The lipliner look like the jordana liners!!

    1. hey thanks alot nive!!! ya the liner is similar to jordana infact very same.

  3. Hey love heart wali tee n shoes..
    Lovely haul gal ♥

  4. loved all the stuff :) u hv great choice:)

  5. me too obsessed with leopard and snake print these days...nice haul :)

  6. are these meilin waala lipliners available at beauty shop?? haven't seen them arnd... nice mini haul.... :) Bt we want more... lol :P
    Lagta hai dark lipstick ka bhoot chad gya tere ko... hahaha

    1. no these arent! ya ya sure! more will be coming soon!
      yaaa im loving all dark lippies!


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