Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ben Nye Rouge Contour in 3- Review, Photos, FOTD

Hey Gurls!
Today Il be reviewing the a matte bronzer that I finally got after hunting for a very long time. Bronzing & contouring is a very important regime in my makeup routine.  It seems that brands in India don't launch matte bronzers or only bronzers infact! It always very difficult to find  a good bronzer. I know MAC has it... but at the same time I dint wanted to shell out that amount of cash. & then I came to know Ben Nye got launched in India & tadaaaaaa!!!! I knew I was getting this!
What It says...
Layer 2 or more shades to emphasize facial contours. Apply to powdered skin for best results & tone down with loose powder, If desired. Expect 100-250 application.

Price: I think it was Rs 475/- ??!!! But il update once its confirmed!

What I say...
Ben Nye Rouge Contour is a matte contouring powder. I love it that its 100% matte. It comes in a cute black rubberized case (I believe like the NARS packaging) with a transparent lid.

When swatched its very dark. But it blends out very well & can be worn very lightly to give a subtle contour all over the face. Or can be easily built up without making your cheeks look powdery or dirty. I use this to contour my cheeks, side of my nose & jaw line. I noticed that when used with a standard angle contouring brush the product doesn't looks right on me. I cant describe it properly but its like not blended on to the skin. I use a small round top brush to contour the cheeks. & a Vega blending brush  (MAC 217 & Sigma E) to define the cheeks more when I need the look like that.
The texture is super soft & super pigmented. Noticed very less powdery fall outs. It has a very long weartime too. It lasted on my oily skin for about 8hrs!
As it is very richly pigmented please be careful while using it. I suggest dusting off the excess & using very light hand 1st & then building it up as required.

& Here I'm wearing it..

  • good packaging
  • super pigmented
  • soft texture
  • blends well
  • buildable
  • will suit alot of skin tones
  • doesn't look powdery, muddy
  • less powdery fall outs
  • need a less amount of product to use, so will last a very long time
  • long wear time
  • availability
Verdict: Im in love with this bronzer! If you think this shade is too dark for you, there are 2 more shade available in this range. I try to use it as many times as possible as getting ready in the morning is a different saga all together! This shade gives the perfect contour shade that I require.
I highly recommend it to everyone who likes to contour & give definition to the face! If you still haven't ventured out on face contouring, do give it a try! You will noticed what a major difference it does to your face!

Hope you liked this post!

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