Monday, 10 December 2012

My 20 mins Face!

Hey Gurls!
In the morning while going to work how much time do you take to get all your makeup done?
I try to get ready in 20mins, makeup ONLY! So this is how my makeup normally looks like!

For everyday I have quiet natural looking eyes & sometimes if im in the mood I do a soft quick smokey thru the lashline. Or mainly I keep it all natural or peachy. For full face I do a light coverage foundation, & a medium coverage on my cheeks & chin as I have a whole lot of blemishes on my cheeks so i don't want them to peek thru. Concealer , blush as always. I do use a bronzer if I get an extra few seconds.& loads of mascara. You know how much I love mascaras.
For lips its usually matte. Colors depends on my mood.. from a lightest pink to a red.

So this is how my everyday face looks like. This is what I manage to do in 20 mins. Then 5-8 mins on hair, breakfast & Im out the door!

Hope you liked my post.
Do leave in your thoughts below!

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