Friday, 21 December 2012

The Meetup!

Hey Gurls!!!
I'm so excited to share this post! I have never been so excited to share any post before this, but this! My dear friend Tejinder as you all must be knowing her by now, lives in the UK & she had a plan to visit India. We had been planning her trip since the last 2 months & we were super duper excited to meet each other. So finally we met yesterday! Pranali aka Idee from Invogue Obsessions also joined us! We had a blast!
Tejinder, Me, Pranali

Shopping in Colaba
Here we are at Gateway of India

Lunch at Leopold Cafe
Idee's drink- Cappuchino

My lunch

& my fresh lime soda

Late afternoon drink to break the heat!


On our way to Juhu

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Fun in the Beach

Sipping out golas!
These moments will be cherishes forever! I had a lovely time with Tej & Pranali, the bestest & awesomesttttt ever!!!! Hope for more meet ups soon!
Love you all!


  1. Seems u had a gr8 fun..enjoy watching ur pics....

    1. oh yes pree we had a blast! u too make a plan soon!

  2. lovely pics..looks like u all had great fun!!! n u girls look great :)

    1. oh yes jyo we have a great time together! thanks alot!

  3. wow ur pics convey clrly d amt of fun u gals had
    i jsut kept smiling luking at the pics
    u must have had a blast
    nice gola yummy loved that pic a lot n d way u r slurping it :P :)

    once again njyd d post

    n Tej welcome :)

    1. yes dear we had a blast! had the most fun tym with everyone!!!
      thanks alot!

  4. Seems like so much fun !! Smiles all around !!

  5. oh wat a meet... some yummy lunch & beach time... ideal!!! :)

    all of u look damn pretty in these pics.. sure u guys had a blast!

    i wanna take a sip of tat drink

    1. heheheee!!! yes rev we had a blast! lunch & beach was great too!

  6. Cool pictures! Seems like you had s lovely time!

  7. wow... seems you all had so much fun..:))
    every picture has a lot to say.. Great fun.<3

    1. hey thanks niesha! yes we had a great time together!

  8. Oh Boy!
    You're so fast. :)
    Im changed from 'I don't have blogger friends' to 'I have them by my side'
    One of the best days, I had.Ever.
    December turned out quite Bright for me :)
    Glad I came overcoming all my uncertainities :D
    Love ya Girls :)

    1. haha!! we are always there fr u teddy!!!! my dec turned out great too! looking for more meet ups!!! muaaahhhhh

  9. looks lik you ppl had a blast!


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