Sunday, 13 January 2013

How I Get My Perfect Red Lips: Tutorial

Hey Gurls!
I have been wanting to do this tutorial since a very long time, but laziness was always creeping into me! So today I finally thought that I will do it come what may!
So today Il share with you how I get my Perfect looking Red Lips!

Products needed:
  • Lip scrub. No mine is not VOV lipscrub, it is a DIY crushed sugar & honey scrub kept in an empty VOV lip balm jar.
  • Your favorite hydrating lipbalm. i used Maybelline Baby Lips in Antioxidant Berry
  • Your favorite Red lipstick. I choose to use MAC Ruby Woo
  • A red lip liner, Jordana Sedona Red
  • Concealer lighter than your skin tone or any concealer that you have, I used NYX concealer in a Jar in Medium
  • a small detailer brush/ concealer brush
  • Tissue paper
  • highlighter, or any highlighting eye shadow you have. I used Colorbar Baked Shimmer Blush in Hint of a Tint
Dry chapped lips is a big No No when you are wearing bright bold or red lips. All attention is dragged to the lips because of the bright color & you dont want the lips to look so dry!

  •  So 1st you should exfoliate your lips using a sugar lip scrub or any other lip scrub that you are using.
  • See how soft & smooth it looks!
  • Apply your favorite lipbalm. Leave it on for 5-10mins. Till the time your lips are getting hydrated, you can continue with your whole face makeup. You can skip applying lipbalm if you choose to wear a very creamy & hydrating lipstick.
  • Then, blot the excess lipbalm as you don't want heavy cakey feeling lips after the lipstick is applied.
  • Swipe the lipstick wearing only 1 layer
  • Blot off the excess lipstick with a tissue paper. This helps the 2nd layer of lipstick to stay longer.
  •  Line the lips. Remeber to smile while lining the lips as it becomes easier to line & get the perfect shape.
  • Apply the lipstick. 1-2 coats to achieve the best color.
  •  Line the outside of the lips with the concealer. This will brighten up the lip area & make it look even more perfect & full pout.
  • Blend it with your finger. Be careful not to smudge the lipliner.
This is how it will look! Good enough but not Perfect yet!

  •  Pop your index finger in the mouth & gently close the mouth & pull it out. This will take off the excess lipstick from the inside of your lips so it wont transfer on your teeth.
 Almost perfect lips are done!

  •  & finally put some highlighter on the cupids bow & middle of your lips to make it look ever more pouter & full! You can also add some red gloss instead only on the middle area to add more shine.

How to choose your Perfect Red Lipstick:
If you are Fair/ Pale: See something with a cool/ blue undertone.
If you are Medium/ Beige: See lipstciks with yellow/ orange undertone. You can wear a cool undertone lipstick too!
If you are Olive/ Dark: Again a warm red is to go for. But even cool reds will look good on you!

& Thats it!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial & hope it helped you in some way!

do you like wearing a Red Lips?


  1. very very nice tutorial , loved it :)

  2. WOwww you have done it perfectly...I can say that perfect pout it is :)
    I will try this soon

  3. wow ! wat a tut ! awesome rimmi ,i never knew a lip need so much makeup to make it such a beautiful :)
    thanks for the post ! loved it :)

    1. ya toa! alot of work goes to make the pout look perfect!

  4. Very very nice tutorial...
    Loved it...thanks for sharing

  5. Nice tute.:)
    Concealer helps a lot in making it neat.

    1. thanks niesha! yes it does make alot of difference!

  6. loved it shouri... nyc n easy tutorial... and u r lips are so beautiful n pouty.. :)

  7. So that's how everyone does it :D
    Thank you for the detailed tutorial!

  8. Just mind-blowing Shouri...Red hot :)
    Nice tutorial of course!

  9. Oh my..!!! perfect!!! :)
    cool tut :)
    Sorry a hot one :)

  10. Wow nice review. This was really an awaited one for me

  11. awesome tute...bookmarking this :)

    u got gr8 lips babes.. a pout to die for.. :D

  12. wow..dat was an awesome tut must say! I have come across several posts on how to achieve the perfect pout..but this one is exceptionally good. on a different note..are you a professional makeup artist?

    1. hey thanks alot dear for such a lovely compliment!
      oh no im not! Im just self taught..

  13. Grt tutorial.... will try it for sure....

  14. very pretty.... u must try Avon colorbliss lipstick in Cherry Red.. its my favourite <3


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