Friday, 4 January 2013

Romantaque- Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion- Review

Hey gurls!
Today I wanted to review a Post Hair Removal product that was sent to me by Romantaque. It is Romantaque- Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion.

What It says..

 Price: Rs1500/-
What I say.. It comes in a flip top cap bottle. The product is white in color & has semi runny consistency. It has a very faint smell which is not bothering at all. This is a very light weight lotion, no greasiness

I use this product as it is directed 24 hours after waxing or threading. I first got my upper lip, & chin threaded. Before applying I did a patch test on my forearm after using a razor on it. Nothing happened there. I applied a small amount on the upper area & waited a few minutes to see if I get any burning sensation. Nothing happened & I continued putting on the entire upper & lower lip are & chin. I kept it for 30 minutes. There was no itchy or burning sensation at all. It washes off easily too.

I have a very fast regrowth cycle of hair be it eye brows or upper lips. I get fine hair coming again after 3- 4 days.. But after using this immediately the skin was feeling smooth as if there is no hair at all. The regrowth occurred a bit late & slow.. yaayyy!!! I also tried on only the half part of my upper lip for the 1st time & left the other half without applying the lotion just to see if it really works. Yes it did work! The hair on the lotioned part arrived later & was finer! The I have also used it on the fore head & brow area (not on the lid) & it has shown a good result on it.

This lotion has to be used everytime 24hrs post hair removal. Make sure to do a patch test before you use. This has to be applied atleast 10 days continuously twice a day if you get the time, or till your next waxing or threading for effective reduction of hair.
This has really worked for me. Regular use of this lotion has slowed down the growth of the unwanted hair & also made it finer. Even though I couldnt use it continusly twice a day but I have seen the results just after using it after 1st time.

If you dont mind spending Rs1500/- for a product that actually works do give it a try!

It is available here ,, ,,
 Hope this review helped you!

Product sent by PR. My thoughts & opinions are honest!


  1. sounds awesome ! thnx for introducing me to it ! <3

  2. wowwwwwwww finally a product for lesser hair growth
    hmmm myt give it a try dear

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